Johnny Depp Movies (1984 – 2012)

Some of Johnny Depp movies with a little surprise at the end. I know some of them are missing because there’s no oficial poster or it’s not out yet 🙂

Hope you enjoy it!

Song: The House of the Rising Sun – The Animals


8 responses to “Johnny Depp Movies (1984 – 2012)

  1. You had me at Johnny 😉

    • Yes…but what about Johnny? 🙂

      Really I’m so glad that you found it on your liking!

      HAve a easy listening Monday: Do you like Beethoven?
      if yes, check out my recent evening post with the unequaled interpretation of the late, but unforgotten Vladimir Horowitz



      • Just everything about Johnny! Yes, this old woman has no shame 🙂
        I will check out V. Horowitz. Thanks.

      • Why, firstandfabulous, there is no shame…Just the opposite, I think, it is commendable that we can connect with our younger selves, as the memory is in the end all, and everything we’re left with! (listen to the old man!) 🙂
        Tell me how you liked Horowitz, yes?



      • I was just listening. It is very long and alas sleep overtakes me. What I heard was beautiful. Soothing. Intense. Soothing. Time to rest. I’ll listen more tomorrow. Thanks for the lullaby, george.

      • You see, it was meant to be a lullaby, I can only guess (without intruding), what colorful memories are going to fill your dream.

        Good night,


      • Well no dreams. Just a good night’s sleep. I will listen to Horowitz again now to see if I can conjure up another peace-filled night. As I get older they are harder to come by. 😦
        Pleasant dreams yourself, g.

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