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George Gershwin – Rhapsody in Blue

Rhapsody in Blue is a musical composition by George Gershwin for solo piano and jazz band written in 1924, which combines elements of classical music with jazz-influenced effects. 

Commissioned by bandleader Paul Whiteman, the piece received its premiere in a concert entitled An Experiment in Modern Music, which was held on February 12, 1924, in Aeolian Hall, New York, by Whiteman and his band with Gershwin playing the piano.

Conductor: Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra
Orchestra: Richard Hayman
Piano: Kathryn Selby


Someone to Watch Over Me (Gershwin-Turrin) – Piano/Vocal


Garden State – Let go (Frou Frou)

Garden State (5/11) Movie CLIP – A True Original (2004) When You’re born an actor, acting is your destiny!

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Sam (Natalie Portman) shows Largeman (Zach Braff) what she does to feel original.

TM & © Miramax Films (2012)
Cast: Zach Braff, Natalie Portman
Director: Zach Braff
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Producer: Pamela Abdy, Danny DeVito, Dan Halsted, Richard Klubeck, Ann Ruark, Stacey Sher
Screenwriter: Zach Braff
Film Description: In the wake of his success on the hit NBC sitcom Scrubs, actor Zach Braff made his debut behind the camera writing, directing, and starring in this bittersweet romantic comedy. Braff plays Andrew Largeman, a young man who has just received word of his mother’s passing. With this news, Andrew returns to the town in which he grew up, where he is greeted by his father, Gideon (Ian Holm), a psychiatrist. In addition to mourning the loss of his mother, Andrew is also attempting to adjust to life without the emotionally numbing antidepressants that he has recently opted to discontinue using. Gradually, with the absence of the pills, his reconnection with his past, and the introduction of Sam (Natalie Portman), a woman who would seem to have little in common with him, into his life, Andrew is able to see the potential for some positive changes. Also starring Jean Smart and Peter Sarsgaard, Garden State was once titled Large’s Ark and premiered at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival.

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US Army Captain: DHS Prepping for War on Americans, Must Be Disarmed

More Outrageaous And Irresponsible Government Spending

Here it comes, faster, faster! The runaway train

Family Survival Protocol - Microcosm News



George W. Bush tops list of ex-presidents’ expenses in 2012 at $1.3 million

 Dallas Morning News


Associated Press

Published: 26 March 2013 06:47 AM

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former President Bill Clinton’s 8,300-square-foot Harlem office near the Apollo Theater costs taxpayers nearly $450,000. George W. Bush spends $85,000 on telephone fees, and another $60,000 on travel. Jimmy Carter sends $15,000 worth of postage – all on the government’s dime.

The most exclusive club in the world has a similarly exclusive price tag – nearly $3.7 million, according to a new report from the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service. That’s how much the federal government spent last year on the four living ex-presidents and one presidential widow.

Topping the list in 2012 was George W. Bush, who got just over $1.3 million last year.

Under the Former Presidents Act, previous inhabitants of the Oval Office are given…

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Experts Warn that ‘Superspreaders’ could turn new coronavirus into SARS-like event.

Closer: “Why Wont You Let me Love You?” (“Why isn’t love enough?”)

Closer is a 2004 romantic drama film written by Patrick Marber, based on his award-winning 1997 play of the same name. The movie was produced and directed by Mike Nichols and stars Julia RobertsJude LawNatalie Portman and Clive Owen. The film, like the play on which it is based, has been seen by some as a modern and tragic version of Mozart‘s opera Così fan tutte, with references to that opera in both the plot and the soundtrack.[2] Owen starred in the play as Dan, the role assumed by Law in the film.

The film was recognized with a number of awards and nominations, including Oscar nominations and Golden Globe wins for both Portman and Owen for their performances in supporting roles


Theatrical release poster
Directed by Mike Nichols
Produced by Mike Nichols
Cary Brokaw
John Calley
Screenplay by Patrick Marber
Based on Closer 
by Patrick Marber
Starring Julia Roberts
Jude Law
Natalie Portman
Clive Owen
Music by Suzana Peric
Cinematography Stephen Goldblatt
Editing by John Bloom
Antonia Van Drimmelen
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date(s)
  • December 3, 2004
Running time 104 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $27 million[1]
Box office $115,505,027

My little poetry by Cresy Crescenza

La Domenica delle palme ci introduce nella settimana più eminente dell’anno liturgico, quella “Autentica”, nella quale riviviamo il mistero di morte e vita, di sofferenza e gioia, di umiliazione e glorificazione racchiuso nella Pasqua del Signore.

Papa Francesco

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Stefan Augustin Doinas_Sentinta.mp3 Volumul de poezii : Semintia lui Laokoon”, Editura Tineretului, 1967

Doinas-Semintia Lui Laokoon, Sentinta

Doinas-Semintia Lui Laokoon, Sentinta  

Stefan Augustin Doinas: Sentinta (Recitation in Romanian By George-B)

Stefan Augustin Doinas_Sentinta.mp3 Volumul de poezii : Semintia lui Laokoon”, Editura Tineretului, 1967

Stefan Augustin Doinas: Sentinta

“Iar pentru vina de-a se fi nascut
El se va pedepsi precum urmeaza:

 La stilpul dragostei va fi tinut

Optzeci de ani sub soarele de-amiaza;
Un prea frumos calau il va-nfiera
c-o stea in frunte, pentru ca multimea
de oameni, diavoli, zei et caetera
sa-I jinduie intr-una inaltimea;

norocul costumat in fel si chip,
cu galbeni il va lapida; natura,
ca-n patul lui Procust, pe-un arhetip
ii va lungi sau prescurta statura;

inchis sa fie-n lume ca-ntr-un tarc;
iar daca va izbi cu pumnii-n stele,
flacai din Marte,  purtatori de arc,
sa-l scoata afara, dincolo de ele;

blestem pe vorba lui: in adevar
sa se preschimbe, ce-a grait minciuna;
de nespalare sa-I foiasca-n par
matreata sfinta, si paduchi de luna;

ca sa-i sporesca greata pina-n prinz,
din cornulabundentei sa se-nfrupte;
si ca la caii vindecati cu spinz,
sa I se umfle pieptul beat de lupte;

lua-i-se-va dreptul de-a vedea
ce e urat, si de-a uita frumsetea;
de ghezna, atarnind ca oghiulea,
sa-si tataie superba tineretea;

nici boli, nici indoieli nici slabiciuni
sa poata lasa ca mostenire,
ci vesnic printer cei cinstiti si buni
sa fie osandit la fericire”

Atit. Ci judele preintelept
A scris mai jos, si-a sigilat, cu ceara:

 “ Acestea toate-l vor lovi, pe drept,
Doar daca se va naste-a doua oara”.

Publicata in volumul de poezii “Semintia lui Laokoon”

Editura TIneretului, 1967

Quotation: John Bradshaw: “A Wall or a Bridge!” (You will find peace not in denial, but in victory) – I love that!

John Bradshaw was tagged in Uxma Javaid B‘s photo.
“Self-acceptance comes from meeting life's challenges vigorously. Don't numb yourself to your trials and difficulties, nor build mental walls to exclude pain from your life. You will find peace not by trying to escape your problems, but by confronting them courageously. You will find peace not in denial, but in victory.”
“Self-acceptance comes from meeting life’s challenges vigorously. Don’t numb yourself to your trials and difficulties, nor build mental walls to exclude pain from your life. You will find peace not by trying to escape your problems, but by confronting them courageously. You will find peace not in denial, but in victory.”

Sister Sledge – We Are Family (Live) (1980): Stats of March 26, 2013: 100,873 views: Thank you friends

Stats March 26_2013 100,873 views

EUZICASA_visitors from 173 countries, newest country being Yemen

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Raw vs. pasteurized debate

Raw milk

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Milk 001.JPG

Raw milk is milk that has not been pasteurized or homogenized. Humans may consume it because they are unable or unwilling to treat it. Health food proponents tout the benefits of raw milk and the ills of pasteurization and homogenization.[1] The medical community warns of the dangers of not pasteurizing milk.[1] Preferences vary from region to region.


Humans consumed raw milk exclusively prior to the industrial revolution and the invention of the pasteurization process in 1864. During the industrial revolution large populations congregated into urban areas detached from the agricultural lifestyle.

Pasteurization was first used in the United States in the 1890s after the discovery of germ theory to control the hazards of highly contagious bacterial diseases includingbovine tuberculosis and brucellosis that was thought to be easily transmitted to humans through the drinking of raw milk.[2] Initially after the scientific discovery of bacteria, no product testing was available to determine if a farmer’s milk was safe or infected, so all milk was treated as potentially contagious. After the first test was developed, some farmers actively worked to prevent their infected animals from being killed and removed from food production, or would falsify the test results so that their animals would appear to be free of infection.[3]

Pasteurization is widely used to prevent infected milk from entering the food supply. The recognition of many potentially deadly pathogens, such as E. coli O157:H7, Listeria, and Salmonella, and their presence in milk products has led to the continuation of pasteurization. The Department of Health and Human Services, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and other health agencies of the United States strongly recommend that the public do not consume raw milk or raw milk products.[4] Young children, the elderly, people with weakened immune systems, and pregnant women are particularly susceptible to infections originating in raw milk.[5]

Recent advances in the analysis of milk-borne diseases have enabled scientists to track the DNA of the infectious bacteria to the cows on the farms that supplied the raw milk.[6] 

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Raw vs. pasteurized debate

The raw vs. pasteurized debate pits the alleged health benefits of consuming raw milk against the disease threat of unpasteurized milk. Although agencies such as theCenters for Disease Control (CDC), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States, and some regulatory agencies around the world say that pathogensfrom raw milk make it unsafe to consume,[7] some organizations say that raw milk can be produced hygienically, and that it has health benefits that are destroyed in the pasteurization process. [1][8] Additionally, the bacteria found in raw milk are essential to the flavours of many cheeses.[9]

Suntem ceea ce mâncăm?

INtr-adever, printre altele saintem ceea ce mancam, si cateodata ceea ce mancam ne maninca, nu imediat, dar in timp, iar cateodata, mancarea poate chiar sa ne faca bolnaviori, in mai putin de o ora, dupa ce am mincat mancare: A manca, mancare!

Bayer corporation censors honeybee science

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from Britain says about itself:

Who Killed The Honey Bee? (BBC Documentary)

Nov 19, 2012

Bees are dying in their millions. It is an ecological crisis that threatens to bring global agriculture to a standstill. Introduced by Martha Kearney, this documentary explores the reasons behind the decline of bee colonies across the globe, investigating what might be at the root of this devastation.

Honey bees are the number one insect pollinator on the planet, responsible for the production of over 90 crops. Apples, berries, cucumbers, nuts, cabbages and even cotton will struggle to be produced if bee colonies continue to decline at the current rate. Empty hives have been reported from as far afield as Taipei and Tennessee. In England, the matter has caused beekeepers to march on Parliament to call on the government to fund research into what they say is potentially a bigger threat to…

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Mutant Milk

“We’ve Lost Our Country”: An Iraqi American Looks Back on a Decade of War That’s Devastated a Nation

(Access moving report here )


“We’ve Lost Our Country”: An Iraqi American Looks Back on a Decade of War That’s Devastated a Nation

Published on Mar 25, 2013

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Quotation: Lucy Maud Montgomery on belonging rather than not

I’d rather look ridiculous when everybody else does than plain and sensible all by myself.

Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942) Discuss

Today’s Birhtday: SIR BENJAMIN THOMPSON, COUNT RUMFORD (1753) a scientist and inventor

Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford (1753)

A scientist and inventor, Thompson was perhaps the first person to recognize heat as a form of motion, at a time when many believed it to be a substance. He invented various heat-related items, including a double boiler, a drip coffeepot, thermal underwear, and a more efficient fireplace. After he was denied a commission in the Continental Army, Thompson spied for the British in the American Revolution. When he had to flee the country, what particularly notable thing did he leave behind? More… Discuss



Jack Kevorkian Convicted of Second-Degree Murder (1999)

By 1998, Dr. Jack Kevorkian had been prosecuted numerous times—without being convicted—for the deaths of terminally ill patients whose suicides he had admittedly assisted. However, after the TV program 60 Minutes aired a videotape of him administering a lethal injection to a man who was too physically debilitated to commit suicide on his own, Kevorkian was charged with murder. He chose to defend himself in court and was convicted. He was paroled eight years later under what conditions? More… Discuss


Protein Deficiency Linked to Cognitive Impairment in Down’s Syndrome

Researchers believe they have identified one of the causes of developmental and cognitive impairment in people with Down’s syndrome: a lack of the protein SNX27 in their brains. When a deficiency of this brain protein was produced in mice, the animals exhibited learning andmemory impairments. By reintroducing this protein, researchers were able to restore normal brain function in the lab mice. It is possible that increasing SNX27 production or function in the brains of people with Down’s syndrome could lead to similar improvements. More… Discuss