Twitter vs. Settings_ choice forbidden on

Published on Mar 27, 2013

Twitter vs. Settings_ choice forbidden on

Please forgive the few shortcomings, I did not make a script for this video, but I needed to publish this for its very important issues, governing individual freedom of choice, including freedom of association corollary to which, equally or even more important is the freedom of not being associated with, I call that Freedom of disassociation, still a personal choice!
I love blogging at WordPress and hope to be Allowed to do so, regardless of my personal views!

I hope you enjoy the video!


2 responses to “Twitter vs. Settings_ choice forbidden on

  1. I don’t currently have a Twitter account but from seeing your video I can totally see how Twitter does have such intuitive personal settings for their users which is wonderful. I moved to WordPress from Vox which sadly closed awhile back and Vox did have settings to choose whom can view particular posts and you could block or unblock and follow other people in the community too as well with various simple to use personal settings and I think WP could easily add such settings if they chose to also =).


    • MornigBerriz, so good to hear from you: Unfortunately the freeware I used, Debut Video Capture, looks good, until it has been already uploaded, only to realize that is totally out of focus: Sorry for that. May be you know a open source video capture, that does not change the resolution (I think) without one knowing. I remember when you were announcing that you had to change web-host. Until recently I did not realize the impediment of settings and I sincerely believe it is an issue, for every member, even if recognized or not by everyone. I posted the video on YouTube, and will see, how it is viewed and interpreted: I am still hopeful for a amicable outcome. Please share with whoever you think may be interested.

      Thank you for the kind words, and thoughtful dissemination and remarks. You’re a good, supportive friend!

      Can I say “Atode anata o sansho shite kudasai” For talk to you later?




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