US singer Woodie Guthrie as novelist

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This music video from the USA is called Woody Guthrie/Cisco HoustonJohn Henry.

By Karl Dallas in Britain:

House Of Earth
by Woody Guthrie (Infinitum Nihil, £14.99)

Tuesday 26 March 2013

Woody Guthrie’s novel about hard times in the Texas panhandle is gritty, demanding and verbally exuberant

Woody Guthrie was in love with words, obsessed by them.

They poured from his pen and his typewriter onto scraps of paper and pages and notebooks that have filled hundreds and thousands of boxes and filing cabinets that are still being mined for evidence that he was, and is, one of the great stylists of the American language – possibly the greatest since Walt Whitman.

This book, as far as we know – and who knows what riches still lie undiscovered in those scattered archives? – is his first and only novel. Though there were fictional…

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