12 Girls Band – 女子十二楽坊 – El cóndor pasa (Original Music Video)

Original video clip of this beloved peruvian melody!
The version of the 12 Girls Band, unlike Simon & Gurfunkel’s, rescues the original score with two traditional and clearly defined parts adding the elegance and nuances of China traditional music. This is the characteristic of the 12GB’s music.
“El condor pasa” became very popular in Asia and around the world because of Paul Simon’s version called “If I Could “, the song he composed in 1970. In fact, many East and famous singers like Teresa Teng perfomed versions of “Condor Pasa” in Chinese.
As we know, the original piece (a zarzuela), belongs to the Peruvian composer Daniel Alomía Robles. It was composed in 1913 and registered in 1933. Also from 2004 is considered as “Cultural Heritage of Peru” by a resolution of the INC and the Peruvian government. In the same resolution was declared “cultural interest” all the rich and voluminous work Alomía Robles includes more than 900 pieces of music.
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