Mihaela Pitigoi – Caval Muzic from Transylvania

Popas Folcloric la Absolut Tv

Romanian flute (caval) is a musical instrument similar to a flute with five holes, but more than this, made ​​wooden maple and hazel .

Romanian flute is an instrument aerophone large family belonging to the PDO whistles. Due to its length, Knight was forced to adopt a different grifură that develops serious registry status scale minor chromatic defects. In medium Register acute initial scale can be complete with upper harmonics of the fundamental steps. Although musical practice meet some tools of this kind, which are less compatible with tempered initial design grifurii Knight is a well thought out constructive compromise. At Knight, the distance required for a tone interval between two holes is greater than the physical possibilities they have a person (fingers to zoom to each other). For this reason, the distance between adjacent holes covered fingers of the hands are limited in physical appearance at an interval of one semitone. Grifura instrument (five holes – two plus three) uses the following grouping of fingers: the left hand is used three fingers and two fingers on his right hand (with intervals between them of a semitone). Between the two groupings of fingers (actually between the two hands) is left away comprising a second interval increased (a tone and a semitone). At caval I met were the sounds basic tools: from sound to sound soil do 1. If higher harmonics issue, cavalurile not respond in the same way. Sound differences arising between instruments of the same type (affecting intonation and ambitus) is because that size tubes are designed differently by traditional builders. The instrument shown is compatible with temperate and is fundamentally sound, and sound. He was purchased from a traditional craftsman Arges (Ion Arsene), is a recent construction.


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