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Happy Easter from Exxon

Cât de mult aur există în lume

Nu prea mult…e complet monopolizat…la ciorap!



Poate părea surprinzător, însă dacă tot aurul din lume care a fost extras până acum ar fi topit și transformat în lingouri, el ar încăpea într-un cub cu latura de numai 20 de metri, relatează BBC.

Cel puțin, așa ar rezulta în cazul în care se ia în considerare estimarea făcută de Thomson Reuters GFMS, foarte utilizată de investitori. Thomson Reuters realizează anual un studiu privind aurul din lume, iar cea mai recentă cifră avansată este de 171.300 de tone de aur. Un cub realizat din 171.300 de tone de aur ar avea latura de 20,7 metri.

Însă există și alte estimări ale cantității totale de aur din lume, estimări care variază de la 155.244 de tone până la 2,5 milioane de tone (de aproximativ 16 ori mai mult decât varianta Thomson Reuters GFMS).

Datele sunt atât de diferite deoarece aurul a început să fie extras cu peste 6.000…

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Today’s Cherry Blossoms at the Park

Goes just fine with SAkura!

Myau Myau's photo gallery

cherry blossoms 2013

cherry blossoms 2013

cherry blossoms 2013

cherry blossoms 2013

cherry blossoms 2013

cherry blossoms 2013

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How to Send Mental Messages To Someone (TODAY EVERYTHING GOES!)


Learn to appreciate

May be we should do something about that, help them instead of hunting them: In a Civilized society one should always aspire, everyone, instead of fearing that what they have will be taken away…and usually not by vagrants, but by well rounded crooks, and other entrepreneurs!



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Can you be Hypnotized? OR April Fool’s Day hoax? YOU ARE TO DECIDE (Warning: not for non-believers!)


Razboi Rece …..pe coasta de vest a SUA..

Intr-adevar, numai un nebun, sau 25 de milioane de inebuniti !


Ne-am obisnuit cu muschii pe care si tot arata regimul Kim Jong-Un, ne-am obisnuit sa-si tot umfle penele cum ataca el costa de vest a SUA, cred insa ca numai un nebun complet ar face asta.
Probabil ca are ceva putere militara, probabil ca ar putea cauza o baguba inseamna militara SUA – ceva de genul Pearl Harbour, dar ce ar urma pe urma din partea SUA, nu cred ca-si imagieaza azi cineva, Coreea de Nord ar fi stearsa de pe fata pamantului.

Coreea de Nord in sine nu are multa forta, important este insa sa vedem cum vor reactiona celalti actori politici: daca China se implica are sa fie un conflict regional pe care nu cred ca China are de ce sa si-l doresca in clipa asta. Ce sens ar avea acum sa inceapa un razboi cu SUA doar pentur ca asa are chef Kim Jong-Un????
Rusia pe de…

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Arsenic Found in Rice

Because it is only partially decorticated? yes, it makes sense !

Paper to Use

You choose brown rice over white because it’s less processed and higher in fiber, vitamins and minerals. But a recent report published in Consumer Reports found that both kinds of rice sold in grocery stores contain arsenic, a toxic chemical element—and usually at higher levels in brown rice. Rice and rice products including cereal, crackers, pasta and drinks tested positive for the carcinogen in a Consumer Reports study published last November.

Consumer Reports tested more than 200 grocery store brands of rice and rice products, including organic brands, and found traces of arsenic in nearly every sample. Brown rice is liable to contain more arsenic because it retains the outer levels of the grain, where arsenic is most concentrated. The Consumer Reports study also found that rice grown domestically has higher concentrations of inorganic arsenic (the more poisonous of two kinds of arsenic) than rice grown elsewhere. The federal limit…

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What’s on my mind: “I don’t master the art of writing… Never the less, I decided to write anyway”

“I don’t master the art of writing… Never the less,  I decided to write anyway!”

Thief Cuts Off Tusk From Louis XIV’s Elephant With Chainsaw

Louis XIV is outraged!


220px-Louis_XIV_of_France220px-Tanzanian_ElephantAn unnamed 20-year-old man succeeded last week in combining trafficking in the infamous ivory trade with the destruction of historical artifacts to become one of the truly vile humans on Earth. The man broke into the Paris National History museum and cut off the tusk of the famous Louis XIV elephant with a chainsaw. An alert neighbor heard the sound of the chainsaw and called police. The man was arrested as he tried to make his escape.

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Fusion center director: We don’t spy on Americans, just anti-government Americans | RT

How Anti: just a bit, a little more, just in their hearts, or may be overtly? Or just everybody who does not salute “Hail Ceasar!”

Bankers make Irish people homeless

They make American people homeless too!

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This music video from Ireland is called Lough Sheelin Eviction, by the Wolfe Tones.

The song tells about one of many similar tragedies in nineteenth-century Ireland.

The Wikipedia article about the lake Lough Sheelin writes about it:

Lough Sheelin (from Irish: Loch Síodh Linn meaning “lake of the fairy pool”) is a limestone freshwater lough (lake) in Ireland located in County Westmeath, County Meath and County Cavan near the villages of Finnea (also spelled Finea) and Mountnugent and the town of Granard, (County Longford).

The lake is naturally populated by brown trouts whose native stocks had depleted in recent years, hence the Central Fisheries Board stocking with farm reared the lake for the pleasure of anglers.[1] Trout stocks are estimated to be over 100,000.

It is also the setting of the song “Lough Sheelin Eviction”, made popular by The Wolfe…

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UK: Iain Duncan Smith: I could live on £53 per week

Per week or per Moon?

Quotation: Charlotte Bronte on injury of the psyche and physical injury

It is not violence that best overcomes hate—nor vengeance that most certainly heals injury.

Charlotte Bronte (1816-1855) Discuss

Today’s Birthday: SOPHIE GERMAIN (1776) a mathematician

Sophie Germain (1776)

Growing up during the French Revolution, a young Germain turned to her father’s library for entertainment and discovered a passion for mathematics. Despite facing opposition due to her gender, the self-taught Germain was eventually able to attend the lectures of the French Academy of Sciences. She corresponded by mail with a number of prominent mentors, including mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, by using a male pseudonym. How did Gauss discover that Germain was a woman? More… Discuss

This Day in the Yesteryear: BBC REPORT: SPAGHETTI GROWS ON TREES (1957) Biggest hoax!

BBC Report: Spaghetti Grows on Trees (1957)

An estimated 8 million unsuspecting viewers were watching the BBC’s trusted current affairs program Panorama when it aired one of the first televised hoaxes in history, a 3-minute report on the Swiss spaghetti harvest. Afterwards, the station received calls from hundreds of curious viewers, including some who wanted information on cultivating their own spaghetti plants. In the report, the year’s abundant spaghetti crop was attributed to a mild winter and the near-elimination of what pest? More… Discuss



Murdering Medics—ICU Team Suspected of the Unthinkable

One of the fundamental principles of medicine is “first do no harm,” but a Brazilian intensive care unit doctor and her team stand accused of doing precisely the opposite. The doctor faces charges of aggravated first degree murder for allegedly ending the lives of seven of her patients in order to free up bed space in the unit and is being investigated for her role in as many as 300 deaths. Seven other members of her medical team—three doctors, three nurses, and a physiotherapist—are also alleged to have taken part in the killings. More… Discuss