Hanauma Bay_OAHU_HAWAII (my photo Collection)


Hanauma Bay_OAHU_HAWAII (my photo Collection)

3 responses to “Hanauma Bay_OAHU_HAWAII (my photo Collection)

  1. Beautiful photo, you’ve visited Hawaii =).


    • Yes, twice, ten years apart, same exact place Oahu, Waikiki. The second time when I visited again the International Market Place, I could not believe my senses:It was like reenacting the firs time. Everything, every one, the same people, as it all has happened the day prior, or five minutes ago. Same person carving totems, same person making multi-layered candles, same perroquet in the tree at the entrance to the bar, same playing band, same music. Yes that happened to me. That place to start with has his magic, because it is built on the open around a giant banyan tree spread over a block; just one tree dropping and growing another tree trunk. You gotta visit that place one day and see for yourself, and then plan another visit ten year after!

      Thanks MorningBerriz, I didn’t tell that story in a while!


      • Oahu!…that’s my home♥ I’ve visited Maui, The Big Island of Hawaii and Kauai but none of the other islands in our chain. That’s a great story of how things were so much the same when you visited 10 years apart…they’ve been talking about closing the International Market Place here for some time now and building something more ‘modern’ there…I’d miss it though =(! The vendors and people there…it’s their lifeline and careers in that marketplace and it would be odd to not have it here anymore =(. Waikiki also has a lot of street vendors and performers who’ve had their fair share of legal battles in recent months but I think it really enhances the visitor experience when you walk through Waikiki and having everyone there, just makes it such a unique time.So happy that you’ve visited Hawaii and I hope everything was memorable, fun and filled with aloha~♥.


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