Margaret Thatcher dies

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This video, about a song, not exactly pro-Thatcher, says about itself:

Elvis Costello: Tramp the Dirt Down.

Interview and solo performance, British TV, 1989.

Today, the ex-Prime Minister of Britain, Margaret Thatcher, died.

About the prospect of Margaret Thatcher dying, Owen Jones wrote last year in daily The Independent in Britain:

Sunday 16 September 2012

Not all socialists want to dance on Margaret Thatcher’s grave. I want her to go on and on

Despite the manifest failures of Thatcherism, talk of celebrating her death is futile. Concentrate on building an economy that works for working people

Few things drive the right-wing press into self-righteous apoplexy more than Thatcher-hate. It was on display at the TUC conference last week, where T-shirts pledged that trade unionists would “dance on her grave”. On Saturday, it was reported that some Liverpool fans – finally vindicated over the sickening travesty of…

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5 responses to “Margaret Thatcher dies

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  2. Hi,
    It does not matter whether a person is conservative or liberal. What I admire in any person is the willingness to stand up and stand out for what he or she believes and then take actions to change things. Maggie Thatcher was one of those people. She didn’t sit back and talk about what others should do, but got out there and did what she could.

    That is what counts in life. Anybody can talk (and there are lots of talkers) but not many are willing to put actions behind what they say by doing something.

    Rest in Peace, Maggie Thatcher. You have walked over into history becoming one of the great ladies of our time, and I thank you.



    • So be it Patricia! Besides, if people want to be liked…well they should stay out of the kitchen of politics! Politicians are more and more rarely liked…


    • Glenn Greenwald: The dictate that one ‘not speak ill of the dead’ is (at best) appropriate for private individuals, not influential public figures…

      Here is something that said it better than I did a little earlier!
      Thanks Pat,



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