Louisiana Sinkhole: As LEL Gas is Detected, Damages Rise

LEL for MEthane Gas, is between 5-15% in atmosphere (in volumes) which occurs in enclosed spaaces, and under large areas of the ground covered with impervious structures like sub floors, concreted, continuous asphalted/concreted area with no exhaust for dissipation of the Methane
gas. Problem is that most of the time, other very toxic gases are too part of the emanation, and can be very toxic, especially for children, when not collected and exhausted, away from people. Such gases are sulphur Dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide. In the absence of such gases, and depending of the purity of the underground gas pocket mathane lacks any sensorial identification (taste, smell, color), so it is not detected by humans> It is why mercaptan ( very low detection conc. gas, to which humans’ smell very sensitive) is added to the commercial gas, in order to be detected at the lowest concentration possible, and way millions of time lower than the LEL range of concentration. Very few people cannot detect that offensive smell> But if you do smell it call the gas company to check you gas pipes and appliances for suspected leaks…


In a rare depature, this article is not going to focus purely on technical issues, athough a few will slip in. To date, Texas Brine claims no damages have occurred, and no injuries. I am writing today, to show this is not true, and to get the story straight from two of the homeowners in Bayou Corne.

Before we do though, allow me to remind you, dear reader, of Gary Hecox’s warning that the Mississippi River Alluvial Aquifer now contains 50 million cubic feet of Methane gas, with an unknown amount still pouring into the aquifer.

This is a picture of the MRAA, which lies over the Napoleonville Salt Dome, Grand Bayou/Bayou Corne area all the way through half of Pierre Part, where it then meets the Chicot Aquifer. This is what is being filled and suspected of ‘uplifting’ the properties in Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou.


A Tale of Two…

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