Frances Perkins: Social Security: Arrogance and Ignorance

Frances Perkins speaking on social security in 1935 and in 1962, demonstrating the arrogance and ignorance of central planning.

4 responses to “Frances Perkins: Social Security: Arrogance and Ignorance

  1. HOw interesting that she didn’t have the pronounced American accent that we hear now – and also that she felt she had to sound so tough and belligerent back in the thirties to push the measure through against all those tough men


    • I think she felt both confident in her president (who didn’t ask her what to for him, but for her , the expert to do what ever she could for him): Big difference long switched!

      Secondly, I really think that true glow, is beyond sex, and i that isn’t, that what else by true superhuman spirit can be beyond limiting human condition.

      All these things are, indeed a matter of the past, but the present chain of events are no more secure that, any other time in History. A moment will come when the best aMONG US (NOT THE WORST) WILL BE CALLED UPON THE PICK UP THE STRAW AND REBUILT, BECAUSE THOSE WHO DEMOLISH ARE RARELY THOSE WHO WOULD KNOW HOW TO BUILD!

      Thank for you inspiration Valerie, I hope that my choice of explanation was a solid one! I do believe in what I said, have no idea why, may be it just sounded right when I said it!


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