The Beatles: Yesterday (WOW!)

6 responses to “The Beatles: Yesterday (WOW!)

  1. Legendary performance~♡!! Lucky too that the girls weren’t screaming too much so you can hear Paul…The Beatles would later say that one of the reasons that they stopped performing live was that you could’t even hear them playing over the audience and they sometimes wondered if anyone was actually listening =P.


  2. What a lovely young man he was… age has somewhat withered him – and all of us!!!!


    • Age does that to all of us, But the young look is always replaced by more wisdom, ant that resides deep within, in sometimes in the eyes, a faint smiles, slightly raises eyebrow, when the light is dim, and everybody watches the show: Cause this show never stops!
      THanks for your comment Valerie! I hope you find my thoughts, let’s say…interesting?


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