How often do you check your WP spam filter?

CHeck also who some of your followers are, and especially what are they blogging about!

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So, I was just sitting here looking at my lovely spam filter. Oh my. I have no idea what some of these comments are even about. After navigating the first few pages of ridiculous comments that were clearly only left to include a link, I realised something. I don’t care. So if any of your messages have ever ended up in that world of whatzit that is my spam filter I would truly like to apologise, but I refuse to subject myself to the torture of looking for them any longer. Scary. Just Scary. my particular favorite one was from a person who told me that sometimes my posts are boring but they follow me anyway and I am welcome. Wow. Thanks. That one might not have been spam. I also appreciated the one that said “I signed up to follow a comment on your blog and now every time…

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4 responses to “How often do you check your WP spam filter?

    • I totally agree sheridegrom, it is why I urge everyone to be very careful, about the security of their blogs: check gravatars authenticity, other personal links, if any, and history, that may show repeated violation in the past. Be as selective, and inclusive as safety allows!

      Thanks for the feedback and understanding of these serious issues!


    • You’re welcome: It is indeed a problem, until about two month ago all spam (both gravatars, and website content) were quarantined by akismet. NOw it’s like nobody’s land, and WP still does’t see the need for the blocking setting for each one of us! So I really enjoyed your article Ionia!


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