Australia’s Banksia Sweet Energy

Now, I finally know the name of this fabulous contorted arbust, with beautiful flowers, and aromatic leaves, resembling eucalypta

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Banksia Tree

One of the most recognizable floralsymbols of Australia is the Banksia tree. This fascinating plant is one of a few that thrive in the varying climates of our coastal regions. There are 170 species of the Banksia, ranging in size from small woody shrubs to tall trees up to 30 m in height. The leaves are usually hard and leather like that vary in shape from species to species, with all but a few having serrated edges.

Banksia Flowers

With beautifully intricate cone-shaped flowers that vary in colours from yellow, red, bronze, pink and even purple. These uniquely shaped flowers are not only beautiful but are also a rich source of nectar, making them an important food source in the bush.

Banksia spiritual and medicinal uses

The indigenous people found the Banksia tree a very sweet survival treat, with the flowers they would either suck…

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