From Discovery News _ Oldest Cookbook Found

From Discovery News _ Oldest Cookbook Found

From Discovery News _ Oldest Cookbook Found  (click to access soty at Discovery News)

The benefits of God provided foods, before nuclear age, mercury, lead, pesticides that kill everything, and everybody, and all other contemporary inventions that make us sick, literally: What the worth of development with collateral damages? To high to take any risks!  

Life: Risk management assessment and  doesn’t live here!


6 responses to “From Discovery News _ Oldest Cookbook Found

  1. From the point of view of a white western male without economical problems, which is my case, I am agreed with your approach. But the fact is that billions of people depend on exhausting work and low level subsistence farming, not by choice but by necessity. However, we WASP believe that modern agricultural technologies are too dangerous to “the poor.” The reality is that, given a choice, rural farmers in developing countries choose to take advantage of the opportunities offered by modern technologies to improve agricultural productivity and living conditions. Ultimately, it is the farmers, who are not our slaves, who must make the decision about what technologies they want to use, not the eco-imperialists. Farmers are the most important actors in this debate and his voice can not be ignored.
    Farmers who are opting for modern agricultural technologies, do so at their own will, and for good reason. And in doing so, are benefiting the environment. The low intensity agriculture not only hurts the farmers, but also threatens the environmental quality in the developing world. Poverty and environmental degradation go hand in hand and modern technologies allow such poverty alleviation. This means we should support “the poor” to use these technologies that benefit both themselves and the environment.
    In brief, only “blue blood” citizens from the “first world” (like myself -sometimes) enjoy sufficient resources to purchase in the exclusive supermarket of agrarian sentimentality.


    • Thank you for sharing those thoughts!


      • Always! And I can sympathize with your thoughts,for many years now: it Amazes me the power of deceit and “fakology” (a new notion not yet in the dictionaries…well except for my own dictionary now), clouding and shrouding the crude, disgusting reality of the world, and the motivation behind it!


      • Fakology … such colorful name to describe the actual situation in most of the fronts (probably in all fronts) 🙂 It’s blunt. It’s plain and Anglo-Saxon with a Latinate, euphemistic touch. I like. With your permission, may use it from time to time in my blog 🙂


      • Use it, share it, let’s introduce it to the world, for what it is: ( facology n.: the science of turning fiction into fact with the aid of politico-economical science. To fakolize: v., intr.: the action of reconstruing fake ideas into perceive realities, by the used of fakology; Fakologist n.: an perceived professional (fake scientist), whose endeavor is to construe a perceived reality, that the masses can live with and believe in without second thought
        I’ m working on the the other morphological and syntactic derivations!



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