John Bradshaw: Dick Wagner & Leo Najar – “Remember the Child” starts @ 3:07- 1995

Uploaded on May 23, 2011

Presented as an honor and tribute to the late Maestro Leo Najar. This video was produced with Wagner Music Group by Larry Hammond & Gil RIchard in 1995.
Audio mixed by Dick Wagner at the former Grand Funk Railroad‘s Fenton Studios with Al Hirschman and Larry Hammond. Re-mastered for YouTube by Larry Hammond.

Also assisting in the video recording of the concert was the late Jim Bruzzese. As a recording engineer, Jim Bruzzese, also engineered some of Bob Seger’s best work, including, Seven, Smokin’ O.P.s, Live Bullet, Greatest Hits, and Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man.

The “Remember the Child” project culminated in an outdoor concert
at Saginaw Valley State University‘s Wickes Memorial 
Stadium on August 23,1995. For months, Dick Wagner collaborated
with Leo Najar and the Saginaw Symphony to present orchestrated 
renditions of Wagner’s illustrious catalog of music. The successful 
event generated over $16,000 that was distributed to agencies that
address issues of child abuse and neglect.

“Wagner’s performance that night was triumphant and when he
collaborated with Leo Najar and the Saginaw Symphony Orchestra
the music was simply breathtaking. And once and for all and in a
most optimal concert setting, fans were able to experience the depth
and complexity of Wagner’s original compositions. The music was
simply stunning and, in retrospect, the “Remember The Child Concert” may have been his shining moment, in a long career characterized 
by notable successes and a precipitous fall from grace that was
ultimately redeemed by Wagner’s courageous recovery – and his
partially successful comeback”…….Bo White, White’s Bar, Saginaw, 

“Some things are better left…Remembered:
It is the only way to break the chain of abuse, the bullying culture we live in, in the world, not by depersonalizing existing issues!”


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