Beautiful statue of Alexander The Great


World Of Alexander The Great


Hellenistic, Alexander the Great in a Himation, after an original by Lysippos, late 4th or 3rd century BCE

(Source : Nec Spe, Nec Metu, Tumblr)

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2 responses to “Beautiful statue of Alexander The Great

  1. I am a pretty good wood carver but could never approach this quality. It was the custom that the sculptor did the head while understudies did the body so things could be mass produced.


    • Interesting to know. i for one only sculpted in chalk, and plaster of Paris, miniatures, with shards from double sided razor blades: i had quite a collection. I totally left it upon arriving here. but I rediscover drawing, which I did, only technical, aside from the art classes we took in the secondary school: I love it though!


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