Le Plat Pays – Jacques Brel (Belgique)

The Belgium , in the long form the Kingdom of Belgium , in Dutch België and Koninkrijk België in German Belgienand Königreich Belgien , is a federal state 7 ‘of Western Europe . It is one of the six founding countries of theEuropean Union which it hosts in its capital Brussels , the main institutions (the European Parliament , the Council of the European Union and the European Commission ), as well as other international organizations such as NATO .Belgium covers an area of 30,528  km ² with a population of over eleven million inhabitants.

Belgium is surrounded by the Netherlands , the German , the Luxembourg , the France and the North Sea .

The history of Belgium is torn between Celtic influences, German and Latin, and Burgundian, Austrian, Spanish, Dutch and French before arriving at independence in 1830.

Belgium is a constitutional monarchy whose current king Albert II , the sixth king of the Belgians since 1993 (it is worth mentioning the interregnum of the Prince Regent Charles who assumed power vacuum from 1944 to 1950 pledged all royal powers, bringing the total number of seven kingdoms).
The Kingdom of Belgium is located in the Northern Hemisphere and to the east of the Greenwich meridian (north latitude and longitude). It extends latitude of 2 degrees of Meerle north ( 51 ° 30 ‘) to Torgny south ( 49 ° 30 ‘), and in less than 4 degrees in longitude of La Panne as the highest point in the West ( 2 ° 33 ‘) in Manderfeld east ( 6 ° 24 ‘).Its geographical center is Nil-Saint-Vincent , in the Walloon Brabant , at 50 ° 38 ‘north latitude and 04 ° 40 ‘east longitude. It stretches over a distance of 318.2 km between La Panne and Arlon .>>>>>>>>>>>>>>more HERE

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