STUDY LINKS COLIC WITH LATER MIGRAINES (so….there you have it: there is a study done for everything!)

Study Links Colic with Later Migraines

Some people may be genetically predisposed tomigraines, and colic may be an indicator of this. Research shows that many children with migraines were colicky babies and that mothers who suffer from migraines themselves are more likely to have babies with colic. Further investigation is needed before it can be conclusively said that these two conditions are linked, but if this is proved to be the case, it could mean that their underlying causes and triggers are related and that strategies for preventing or treating migraines could be helpful in treating colic. More…Discuss

My take on this: “I think that there is more realistic evidence that migraines are a result of politico-economico-social stress, than colics as an infant!

I think that waking up to a nightmarish future, can definitely gives many migraines and I don’t need any study to know that to be true!”

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