Your Body and EMF sensitivities

Just because the market said is safe, doesn’t mean it is! They meant I’s safe to sell, not to buy or use!” See the difference?


I have searched high and low for a webpage that presented a brilliant description of how our bodies are basically electrical devices, operating with minute electrical energy signals and can be hypersensitive to external radiation.

It must have been a Utube video linked from a previous video and my history listing has not provided me with the answer. However this is close to what I wished to present as it is this sensitivity that needs to be considered when assessing effects from cell phones and smart meters.

This post was then to go on to link associated relevant posts in order to provide a comprehensive and educational article. In the meantime I came across a blog that has beautifully done all that already, better I am sure than I would have done.

So firstly, this introduction will direct you to the link associated with the image below. There you will…

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