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Pomegranate (My Art Collection)

Pomegranate (my Art Collection)

Pomegranate (my Art Collection)


I’ll always remember this smell!

New York Times Editors Blast Obama For Attack On Free Press


220px-Nytimes_hqPresident_Barack_ObamaI previously discussed the slew of recent conservatives who has “had a change of heart” on equal rights of gays and lesbians after a family member who out as homosexual.  Like some conservative women who reject most privacy principles except abortion rights, it is hard to celebrate belated endorsements of civil liberties which happen to benefit these politicians or their families.  I had the same reaction to some journalists who gave only passing attention to President Obama’s various attacks on civil liberties over the last four years. However, now that his Administration has turned on journalists, we are seeing editorials like today’s New York Times column stating “the Obama administration has moved beyond protecting government secrets to threatening fundamental freedoms of the press to gather news.”

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Aspartame: By Far the Most Dangerous Substance Added to Most Foods Today

Ban the use of Aspartame: Period!

Braila veche în imagini

Braila de demult in fotografie….Am urmarit cu interes acest website (blog) si mi-a adus inspiratia de a publica poze de odinioara!

Artele şi ştiinţele vieţii

Port 225925q9ox32vxfx3tf10Adaos:pentru a mări daţi clic pe fiecare fotografie.

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Oradea On A Sunny Day

Un oras frumos!

Communication for Development of Ideas

Because this week we’re experiencing quite an awful weather over here, just have a glimpse of what my hometown, Oradea (Romania) looks like on a sunny day down from the City Hall’s Tower. Other posts, more down to earth and architecture-driven shall follow once the sky clears of rain and clouds…

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Top IRS Official To Invoke Fifth Amendment Before Congress


160px-IRS.svgI have previously stated that I fail to see the basis for criminal charges in the IRS scandal. Prior administrations have faced allegations of targeting opposing groups and such matters have been treated as abuses but not crimes. Yet, various news sites are reporting this morning that Lois Lerner, the director of the IRS division, will invoke the Fifth Amendment before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Her counsel asked the Committee to withdraw the demand for her testimony in light of her intention to refuse to testify on the grounds that it may incriminate her.

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El Dorado Park, Long Beach: Here Duckie-Duckie! (my Photo Collection)

Here Duckie-Duckie (my Photo Collection)

El Dorado Park_Long Beach-  “Here Duckie, Duckie!” (my Photo Collection)

Democracy Now- AP Phone Probe

Democracy Now- AP Phone Probe

Democracy Now– AP Phone Probe

Democracy Now- AP Phone Probe

National Geographic – Phenomena_Only Human_Gut Reactions

National Geographic - Phenomena_Only Human_Gut Reactions

National Geographic – Phenomena_Only Human_Gut Reactions                        (Click to Access Story)


Gut Reactions

by Virginia Hughes

The body of evidence tying gut bacteria to obesity is growing fatter.

A couple of weeks ago, researchers reported that overweight people show adistinct chemical profile in their breath — too much hydrogen and methane — that could be due to a particular species of bug in their gut. Then another group found that in mice, gastric bypass surgery changes the microbial make-up of the gut, and this shift might explain the animals’ subsequent weight loss.

Both of these studies, like many others published in the last few years, suggest that there’s some kind of connection between gut microbes and weight. The latest report, out today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, digs a bit deeper, analyzing how bacteria and fatty foods interact in the mouse gut.>>>>>>>>>>more Here