Horses Seen Through My Eyes…Agatha Kacprzak

in the life and mind of an artist...

Sometimes, when you meet a person, and that person is an artist, you may, or may not have a connection with their work. You might very well love the person, as for their art, it might be a subjective thing. But in the case of Agatha Kacprzak, I immediately identified with what I saw in her artwork.

After you read her story here, you will understand why. As a child myself, my great-uncle would keep shetland ponies that my brother and I could ride. I also remember a picture of a painted pony with my mother and her older brother when they were just kids, so I know my grandfather enjoyed horses as well.

When my father married my mother, they moved to the “city.” Which meant subdivisions with back yards, and no place for ponies or horses. Even so, my dad would take me to the “Trades Day” in…

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