This Day in the Yesteryear: THE ESCHEDE TRAIN DISASTER (1998)

Eschede train disaster. This image was taken w...

Eschede train disaster. This image was taken with a small hand held photo camera and shows the severe destruction of the rear passenger cars that were pushed into each other and into the collapsed bridge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Eschede Train Disaster (1998)

On the morning of June 3, 1998, the Munich-Hamburg Inner City Express train derailed near the village of Eschede, Germany, while traveling at 124 mph (200 km/h). One of the train cars hit a bridge, causing it to collapse. The cars behind jackknifed into the wreckage, while the front part of the train detached, coming to a stop well past the Eschede station. More than 100 people died as a result of the crash. Investigators later determined that the crash had been caused by what single problem? More… Discuss

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