On The Street Where You Live – My Fair Lad

Song from the Broadway musicalMy Fair Lady” sung by the character Freddy Eynsford-Hill. Presented in its theatrical form from a video clip from the 1964 movie version and its popular standard sung by Vic Damone.

The character Freddy Eynsford-Hill was portrayed by the British actor Jeremy Brett. Although a singer in his own right, his singing voice for the film was dubbed by Bill Shirley, an American singer-actor.


4 responses to “On The Street Where You Live – My Fair Lad

  1. Filmul a fost unul din cele mai bune ce le-am vazut. O adevarata incantare!
    Thank you for reminding me this wonderful mouvie!


    • Cu mare placere, Adi. Eu l-am revazut de curand, dar imi aduc aminte de cantece de cand eram de-o schioapa: Atmosfera de totala inocenta a fost o constatare care a urmat numai dupa doua sau trei zile, cand l-am revazut prin acea noua prizma: a inocentei, a unei lumi, care era mult mai simpla, si mai curata, poate ca urmare a razboiului de curind trecut…Desigur, nu acasa, acolo razboiul a continuat cu atrcitatile comunismului.
      Multumesc de comentariu,
      Imi pare foarte bine ca ai gasit ceva aici!

      Duminica placuta Adi!



  2. oh those magic days of my youth, and this gorgous song !!!


    • Indeed Valerie, I remember those tunes played on the radio well before owning a TV set. Great Musical, devine music, and with such a message of hope! A beautiful love story, even though quite improbable, except in one’s mind, which makes it even a more appealing allegory, I’d say…
      THanks for commenting, and sharing your feelings! I love it when I know I’n not the only one left in the entire world valuing their youth memories…With a straight face, even though a bit nostalgic….

      Always good chatting with you!




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