Syrian war refugees ill-treated in Greece

Greeks…are badly treated in Greece!

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video is called Greece urged to stop mass round-up of ‘illegal immigrants’.

From I Can’t Relax in Greece blog:

War refugees treated as garbage

Posted on 29/06/2013 by icantrelaxingreece

Two stories with people who wanted to escape the conflicts in Syria and were treated like garbage in Greece.

By Anta Psarra

World Refugee Day today, which sounds like a short joke in the context of Greece. A four-year-old girl, and 18 Syrian soldiers who are chased by dogs in the Pedion tou Areos park every day, became witnesses of the culture and philoxenia [TN: hospitality] for the refugees of war. Another ‘small’ example of ‘Xenios [TN: hospitable] Zeus’.


One year ago in Kamisli, a Syrian city near the border with Turkey (Kurds, Christians and Arabs live there together), the gun fighting began. Faik’s family – he himself, his wife and their four-year-old daughter Delavin who was…

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