Quotation: George Eliot on “Later Love”

How is it that the poets have said so many fine things about our first love, so few about our later love? Are their first poems their best? Or are not those the best which come from their fuller thought, their larger experience, their deeper-rooted affections?

George Eliot (1819-1880) Discuss

6 responses to “Quotation: George Eliot on “Later Love”

  1. That’s so true. I know my first poem was my worst.


    • Yes, but the paradox…is what gives one wings, isn’t it?


      • That’s true. You always remember your first. I suppose it is also your best as it is the one that started you. The same as your first love is the one that opened you up enough to make you realise you can love. 🙂


      • I guess, it is nature’s way to allow to grow…Otherwise, if you were the true critic you would quit, isn’t it? BUt then the first time is so relative, as what you truly think know nu comparison: I a way, since you never had an experience at all…It the best you ever had, isn’t it….The problem is that we don’t let go of that, no matter how many other, better, experiences you have been accumulated, later on under the belt.
        That’s the illusory quality of memory, to subjectily everything!


      • That is so true


      • thanks, Natural order of things…it’s all for the best! I think! 🙂


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