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Few photos from my android – Downey At Lakewood blvd and Stewart and Gray

Few photos from my android- all in Downey LAkewood blvd and Stewart and Gray

Few photos from my android all in Downey Lakewood Blvd and Stewart and Gray Magnolia Flowers

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Quotation: Ralph Waldo Emerson on the teaching of the years

“The years teach much which the days never know.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) Discuss


USS Vincennes Shoots Down Iranian Passenger Jet (1988)

Bordered by Iran and connected to the Persian Gulf, the Strait of Hormuz was guarded by Iran during its war with Iraq in the 1980s. Ships were routinely inspected to keep war goods from reaching Iraq. As the USS Vincennes crossed the strait on the morning of July 3, 1988, it exchanged fire with Iranian gunboats, pursuing them into Iranian waters. Not long after, it fired on Iran Air Flight 655, destroying the civilian airliner and killing everyone aboard. What mistakes led to the tragedy? More… Discuss



The Emin Pasha Relief Expedition

Born Eduard Schnitzer, Emin Pasha was a German explorer and doctor who served as a medical officer and governor in Equatoria, part of the Egyptian Sudan. In 1885, he was cut off from the outside world by a Mahdist uprising, prompting a European rescue mission. The rescue party undertook a year-long steamer ship journey through densely forested “Darkest Africa,” where food was scarce, disease was rampant, and natives shot them with poison arrows. When they finally reached Pasha, how did he react? More…Discuss


‘Fire and Air’ Oil painting (My Art Collection)

'Fire and Air' Oil painting (My Art Collection)

‘Fire and Air’ Oil painting (My Art Collection)

“Trois-Quart”- Sketch Pencil and Ink (My Art Collection)

"Trois-Quart"- Sketch Pencil and Ink (My Art Collection)

“Trois-Quart”- Sketch Pencil and Ink (My Art Collection)

Economic crisis, but not for fat cats


Dear Kitty. Some blog

The rich get richer, cartoon

By Matthew MacEgan in the USA:

Double-digit rise in American CEO pay

2 July 2013

The 200 highest paid CEOs at US public companies with revenue above $1 billion received a median compensation package of $15.1 million in 2012, 16 percent higher than the previous year, according to a report published Sunday by the New York Times. The Times compiled its report based on data provided by the executive compensation analysis firm Equilar Inc.

The Times also published an adjoining article on the ongoing practice of granting retiring and even fired CEOs multi-million-dollar “golden parachute” retirement packages. The articles provide insight into the further enrichment of the corporate elite, under conditions of declining wages and mounting poverty for millions of workers and youth in the US.

Most of the money in the CEO compensation packages came from stock and option grants, which generally rose sharply in line with…

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Nigel Farage: There is a Gathering Electoral Storm… (hint, hint…if we pay you…shouldn’t you be nice(r) to US…? What an clear as crystal insinuation from the Frenchman!

We are staring into the abyss – Godfrey Bloom MEP (There are four (4) parties in the “CONSERVATIVE UK”

Rick Wiles talks to Godfrey Bloom MEP, UKIP (Yorkshire & Lincolnshire), Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) group –http://www.godfreybloommep.co.uk

Source: http://youtu.be/JMRfXLGLQnw (TRUNEWS Rick.Wiles, 59.04)

The working day of the average Englishman – Godfrey Bloom MEP (yeah Godfrey, say it the way it is Sir!): I know our lilliputian politicians here over the pond can… relate…

http://www.ukipmeps.org | Join UKIP:http://ukip.datawareonline.co.uk/Join…
European Parliament, Strasbourg, 02 July 2013

• Speaker: Godfrey Bloom MEP, UKIP (Yorkshire & Lincolnshire), Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) group –http://www.godfreybloommep.co.uk

• Debate: Implementing enhanced cooperation in the area of financial transaction tax
Report: Anni Podimata (A7-0230/2013)
– Report on the proposal for a Council directive implementing enhanced cooperation in the area of financial transaction tax
[COM(2013)0071 – – 2013/0045(CNS)]
Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs

• Video: EbS (European Parliament)

EU Member States:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom

Top DHS checkpoint refusals

Checkpoints (some would say illegal checkpoints) have been popping up quite frequently in the USA. As you see in this video, you DO NOT have to comply with their question’s or demands. Don’t forget, you have rights. For more checkpoint refusals search: “CheckpointUSA” 

Check out this great example of a checkpoint refusal from youtube user donhector87 below.. (he was the 2nd clip in this video) I did not include the ending of his video; but click the link below to see the ending.. and to see how it’s done. And don’t forget to subsribe to him. 


It’s citizens like donhector87 who get 100% credit for this video. Much respect.

Facebook has been secretly compiling ‘shadow profiles’ of all users By J. D. Heyes

What did you expect? Privacy?

Brahms Tragische Ouvertüre – Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Brahms Tragische Ouvertüre
Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest / Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra o.l.v. Daniele Gatti
3 oktober 2010 Concertgebouw Amsterdam

Brahms: Academic Festival Overture (Solti, CSO)

This is Brahms‘ Academic Festival Overture, Op. 80 (Akademische Festouvertüre), a much lighter counterpart to his Tragic Overture. He composed it in 1880 when he received an honourary doctorate from the University of Breslau (now Wroclaw), as a musical show of gratitude. The music is very light-hearted, warm and humorous, but Brahms uses the occasion as a tour-de-force in contrapuntal symphonic writing. The orchestra whisks through several pulsing, boisterous melodies, which Brahms described as a “potpourri of student drinking songs,” subtly mocking the academic institution for which he composed the piece. At 9:10 the orchestra erupts into a joyous rendition of “Gaudeamus igitur” (“So let us rejoice,” a.k.a. “On the shortness of life”), a popular Latin graduation hymn which was originally a beer-drinking song. 

The recording is by Sir Georg Solti and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The images are of Solti, Brahms, the University of Wroclaw, and the beautiful old city of Wroclaw, Poland.

First verse of the Gaudeamus: 

Gaudeamus igitur Juvenes dum sumus. 
Post jucundam juventutem 
Post molestam senectutem 
Nos habebit humus. 

Let us rejoice therefore 
While we are young. 
After a pleasant youth 
After a troubling old age 
The earth will have us.


Beethoven “Für Elise” Valentina Lisitsa Seoul Philharmonic

Live in Seoul. Encore #4 Please come to London on June 19th of 2012 if you want to hear this piece live ! I am making my debut at Royal Albert Hall 🙂
Валентина Лисица

Valentina Lisitsa Live at the Royal Albert Hall
US iTunes – http://bit.ly/iTunesUSVal 
US Amazon – http://bit.ly/ValRAH


Schubert – Ouverture in the Italian Style D 590 – N. Harnoncourt, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Buy “Overture in D major, ‘In the Italian Style’ D590” on

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  • Artist
    Nikolaus Harnoncourt

Artur RUBINSTEIN – LISZT Mephisto Waltz No.1

Yet Another Musical Jewel: Bruno Walter, 1938 – Haydn, Symphony No. 92 in G major “Oxford”

Joseph Haydn
Symphony No. 92 in G major “Oxford
(Hoboken 1/92)

1.Adagio – Allegro spiritoso
2.Adagio cantabile
3.Menuetto: Allegretto – Trio

Orchestre du Conservatoire de Paris
Bruno Walter, Conductor
Recorded, May 7, 1938
Salle de la Chimie, Paris.


Aaron Copland – Themes from Our Town and The Red Pony

Grover’s Corners (from Our Town)
EMI Studios, London England; Producer: Paul Myers – June 1974

Grandfather’s Story (from The Red Pony)
The Phoenix Symphony – conducted by James Sedares – May 1991


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Fritz Kreisler plays Tambourin Chinois – Franz Rupp – Piano

Fritz Kreisler – Violin
Franz Rupp – Piano

Frida Kahlo … An artist’s pain on the canvas …

One of my favorite Painters: nobody else had put pain on the map of the human body, and giving it life, the way Frida did!

Eva Vester


Frida Kahlo was born July 6 1907 in Coyoacan, Mexico. She had an early interest in art. 1925 happened to her in a serious car accident and was bedridden, the accident caused permanent spinal and uterus that would cause severe periodic pain throughout their lives. While bedridden after the accident, Frida began to paint for real. Her art was a reflection of how she was feeling, she portrayed her own life story in her paintings


The Broken column 1944

Frida married in 1929 with artist Diego Riviera and it was a marriage that was filled with problems.
Diego had several relationships beside and Frida had several miscarriages. They separated in 1939.
Frida died July 13, 1954 just 47 years old.


The two Fridas 1939





Sel-portrait 1948


One of my favorite pictures of a colorful artist …


The film about Frida Kahlo, I also highly recommend even if it…

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Octavian Paler

Judetul rupt in doua si spulberat: jumate la dreapta, si jumatate la stanga< ca prea multa dorinta si lupta pentru dreptate a adus Fagarasu' Romaniei! Noi vrem Judetu' Inapoi!

Neamul Românesc

Octavian Paler

“Ceea ce nu traim la timp, nu mai traim niciodata.
Tot ceea ce pierdem, pierdem pentru totdeauna.”

La 2 iulie 1926 s-a nascut Octavian Paler (in Lisa, județul Făgăraș, actualmente în județul Brașov), a fost un scriitor, jurnalist, editorialist și om politic român.
Fiul lui Alexandru și al Anei, Paler a urmat școala primară în satul natal, în anul 1937, după care a fost admis bursier la Colegiul Spiru Haret din București. În vara anului 1944, cu o saptămână înaintea încheierii cursurilor clasei a VII-a de liceu, a avut o altercație cu George Șerban, directorul școlii, care era chiar unchiul său (fratele mamei), și a fost obligat să părăsească școala, mutându-se la Liceul Radu Negru din Făgăraș pentru a urma, în anul școlar 1944-1945, ultima clasă de liceu, clasa a VIII-a, secția literară. Aici s-a remarcat, mai ales la obiectele filosofie, latină, elină.
În anul 1945, la terminarea ultimei clase…

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Robert Schumann Fantasy for Violin and Orchestra Op. 131

Ossia Symphony Orchestra
Heesun Shin, violin
Orlando Alonso, conductor

Ciocarlia- George Enescu

Ciocarlia- George Enescu
violin- Claudiu Hontila
oboe- Dan Gadea
viola- Sorin Gherbanovschi
cello- Gyula Ortenszki

Celibidache – Enescu, 1st Romanian Rhapsody, Op.11

George Enescu – Romanian Rhapsody n° 2, op.11

On his return in Romania in 1898, Enescu was struck by the “gypsy style” violinists, heard in hotels, restaurants, clubs and cafes in Bucharest. Some of the most admired of these musicians ca,e from the Dinicu Family; these players were of high technical standard and Enescu conceived the idea of casting symphonic form of folk theme played and imitating the sound of ethnic instruments. Continue reading

The Lark Ascending – Ralph Vaughan Williams

Ralph Vaughan Williams’ The Lark Ascending as performed by Rafael Druian and the Cleveland Sinfonietta, conducted by Louis Lane

The Traitor_Martha Wainwright_Leonard Cohen_I’m Your Man

A divine composition based on a unique poem, made a complete Leonard Cohen pièce de résistance, and the rendition beyond the realm of words by Martha Wainwright not to forget the out of this world musical arrangement: I am so happy to be able to appreciate this historic moment of excellence in the making. The explanation given by Mr. Cohen to the meaning of the verse describes a predicament in which each and every one of us found ourselves at least once in life, which makes it our life story, within which we can dissolve completely.

The world is indeed the theater in which we’re actors, directors and spectators:

The traitor, by Leonard Cohen

Now the Swan it floated on the English river
Ah the Rose of High Romance it opened wide
A sun tanned woman yearned me through the summer
and the judges watched us from the other side

I told my mother “Mother I must leave you
preserve my room but do not shed a tear
Should rumour of a shabby ending reach you
it was half my fault and half the atmosphere”

But the Rose I sickened with a scarlet fever
and the Swan I tempted with a sense of shame
She said at last I was her finest lover
and if she withered I would be to blame

The judges said you missed it by a fraction
rise up and brace your troops for the attack
Ah the dreamers ride against the men of action
Oh see the men of action falling back

But I lingered on her thighs a fatal moment
I kissed her lips as though I thirsted still
My falsity had stung me like a hornet
The poison sank and it paralysed my will

I could not move to warn all the younger soldiers
that they had been deserted from above
So on battlefields from here to Barcelona
I’m listed with the enemies of love

And long ago she said “I must be leaving,
Ah but keep my body here to lie upon
You can move it up and down and when I’m sleeping
Run some wire through that Rose and wind the Swan”

So daily I renew my idle duty
I touch her here and there — I know my place
I kiss her open mouth and I praise her beauty
and people call me traitor to my face 

Leonard Cohen: “It was called “The Traitor”. It was about the feeling that we have of betraying some mission that we were mandated to fulfill, and being unable to fulfill it, and then coming to understand that the real mandate was not to fulfill it, and that the deeper courage was to stand guiltless in the predicament in which you found yourself”.

Johann Strauss II: Emperor Waltz Op 437

Kaiser-Walzer op.437 (Emperor Waltz). Author: Johann Strauss II (1825-1899).
Conductor: Claudio Abbado & Wiener Philharmoniker
Picture: Schloss Schoenbrunn, Vienna

J. S. Bach – Gigue from Suite in e-minor for lute BWV 996 played by Arvid Graeber

Myra Hess plays Franck Symphonic Variations

City of Birmingham Orchestra
cond. Basil Cameron

rec. 1941

Weber Special Euryanthe Overture

Weber Special Jubal Overture

Quotation: Francis Bacon on Boldness

Boldness is ever blind; for it seeth not danger, and inconveniences.

Francis Bacon (1561-1626) Discuss

Today’s Birthday: PATRICE LUMUMBA (1925)

Patrice Lumumba (1925)

Lumumba was an African nationalist leader and the first elected prime minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo after it gained independence from Belgium in 1960. The early years of independence were tumultuous, and Lumumba held his position for just weeks before being deposed. He was later executed by firing squad. His death was not officially announced for three weeks, and rumors swirled about US and Belgian involvement. Who had plotted earlier to kill Lumumba with poisoned toothpaste? More… Discuss



Suicidal Monk Sets Fire to Kyoto’s Temple of the Golden Pavilion (1950)

Originally a statesman’s villa, Kyoto’s Temple of the Golden Pavilion has an exterior of gold leaf and is situated on a pond in a lush Japanese garden. The building narrowly avoided destruction many times in its long history, but in 1950, a young Buddhist monk set fire to it during a suicide attempt. He survived and was sentenced to seven years in prison. In 1955, the temple was rebuilt true to its original appearance. That same year, the arsonist was released from prison early for what reason? More… Discuss


Visit Thy Father and Mother

Filial piety, that is, respecting and caring for one’s parents and ancestors, is a central precept of Confucianism, but cultural shifts in China have reportedly begun to erode this sense of obligation. Cases of elder abuse and neglect appear to be on the rise in China, a trend that dismayed lawmakers are trying to combat with a new law obligating adult children to visit their elderly parents or face possible fines or jail time. The wording of the law is not particularly detailed, leading many to question how and if it will actually be enforced.More… Discuss



Assemblage is an artistic process in which a three-dimensional composition is made from combining found objects. In 1961, “The Art of Assemblage” exhibition at New York’s Museum of Modern Art publicized the movement and featured many renowned artists, including Marcel Duchamp and Pablo Picasso, both of whom had been working with found objects for years. The term “assemblage” originated in the early 1950s when Jean Dubuffet created a series of collages of butterfly wings and called it what?More… Discuss