Frida Kahlo … An artist’s pain on the canvas …

One of my favorite Painters: nobody else had put pain on the map of the human body, and giving it life, the way Frida did!

Eva Vester


Frida Kahlo was born July 6 1907 in Coyoacan, Mexico. She had an early interest in art. 1925 happened to her in a serious car accident and was bedridden, the accident caused permanent spinal and uterus that would cause severe periodic pain throughout their lives. While bedridden after the accident, Frida began to paint for real. Her art was a reflection of how she was feeling, she portrayed her own life story in her paintings


The Broken column 1944

Frida married in 1929 with artist Diego Riviera and it was a marriage that was filled with problems.
Diego had several relationships beside and Frida had several miscarriages. They separated in 1939.
Frida died July 13, 1954 just 47 years old.


The two Fridas 1939





Sel-portrait 1948


One of my favorite pictures of a colorful artist …


The film about Frida Kahlo, I also highly recommend even if it…

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4 responses to “Frida Kahlo … An artist’s pain on the canvas …

  1. Such an interesting and ravishing woman – loved the pics…


    • What an ordeal, to have to endure…How many disappointments, and yet, indeed she was so hungry for life and her God given love was so intense… An admirable woman, with more courage than a thousand men, for sure!

      Thanks for the beautiful, so well describing Frida

      (I sure have to watch her movie again, I need her strength, her device, her modus vivendi. I need to learn from her to be!



  2. Lovely


    • I watched the movie several years back, and it deeply impressed me: Then I could almost felt the pain she was portraying in her art, the life she know best!

      Thanks for your kind comment, Bee!


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