Visit Thy Father and Mother

Filial piety, that is, respecting and caring for one’s parents and ancestors, is a central precept of Confucianism, but cultural shifts in China have reportedly begun to erode this sense of obligation. Cases of elder abuse and neglect appear to be on the rise in China, a trend that dismayed lawmakers are trying to combat with a new law obligating adult children to visit their elderly parents or face possible fines or jail time. The wording of the law is not particularly detailed, leading many to question how and if it will actually be enforced.More… Discuss


  1. My parents have lived with me last 11 years as I am only child and there aren’t any contemporaries left anymore except my 2 thirtish kids who would be of little help. Mother passed in Sept and it is just father and I now. He will be 90 in November. The duty is part of Italian culture as well. Mother was struck ill so suddenly and lasted five weeks. I kept her home as her hospice nurse and slept next to her each night and she passed in my presence. The professional hospices have there place and are helpful but could not help but see them as a die alone death warehouse , so sterile and detached and unfamily.


    • You have my sympathy Carl! It is hard to believe how dehumanizing our modern time are actually…We, Romanians have had same tradition, but for those who are first generation here (ironically, as those people are even more uprooted) due to the immersion process things have changed drastically. Those who took twice destiny in their hands, leaving everything behind, and arriving to nothing waiting for them, face unprecedented lack of family support, divorces,and abandonment of the elders, both back home, and here. I’m not saying it as an excuse, but as a tragic reality: generation after generation we’re forgetting that we are nothing but our genes, and that genes are the only thing, that, if we’re lucky, surviving after we’re gone. To me, a son or a daughter, unwilling, with no reason, to know their heritage, even the predisposition to illness, and history, when there is good history to be known, are half wits, and losers, no matter what academic accomplishment they may have, or status!

      Thank you for sharing your story here.



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