Bizet-Shchedrin – Carmen Suite [Part 1/2]

Georges Bizet (1838-1875)
arr. Rodion Shchedrin (b. 1932)

Carmen Suite:
I. Introduction 0:01
II. Dance 1:22
III. Intermezzo No. 1 3:32
IV. Changing of the Guard 4:30
V. Carmen’s Entrance and Dance (Habanera6:23
VI. Scene 9:42
VII. Intermezzo No. 2 15:13
VIII. Bolero 17:40
IX. Torero 18:51

Written in 1873-1874. Arranged in 1967.

Gerard Schwarz, conductor
The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

Released in 1981.

Classical Records is a Youtube channel where I upload some excellent performances from the LPs in my collection. I’m uploading these LPs because they are either not available on CD, out of print on CD, or just difficult to find.


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