Frederick Delius, Walk to the Paradise Garden, Atkinson Grimshaw

Frederick Delius, Frederick Theodore Albert Delius CH (1862- 1934), Walk to the Paradise Garden,
London Symphony Orchestra, Sir John Barbirolli
Works by John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836- 1893).

“Walk to the Paradise Garden” is the orchestral interlude 
between Scenes 5 and 6 of the opera “A Village Romeo and Juliet“. The Paradise Garden is actually a dilapidated Pub
where the lover’s Sali and Vreli can “dance all night”. The rural lover’s have known each other since childhood 
and are willing to die together rather than give in to the pressures that will separate them. This interlude seems to synthesize many elements found in the opera, the “Paradise Garden”, a seedy country dance hall 
where the two lovers make a pact to do themselves in, a plot of land where they played together during their childhood,
the Dark Fiddler and his symbolic social conflicts, the hay barge which will sink in the river and carry them to their death, 
and most of all, the heartbreak of Love; painful it weaves in long almost unbearable phrases, 
an operatic play within a play based on the definition of the words “Paradise Garden”.

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