Waldszenen Op. 82 (Forest Scenes) by Robert Schumann, Hal Freedman, pianist

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Voices of the Woods
Throughout history, the forest has been regarded as a symbol of spirituality and the cycle of life. It has inspired thought, and fired the imagination. The great composers gave the forest world a voice through the language of music. In their works, many Voices of the Woods are heard and preserved for posterity. Waldszenen, Op. 82 (Forest Scenes)

The Romantic poetry of the nineteenth century was rich with the imagery and symbolism of the forest. It was often expressed through music, such as in the beautiful “Waldszenen,” or “Forest Scenes,” inspired by some of Schumann’s favorite poems. This collection of nine musical vignettes evokes the forest as a place of mystery and the unknown, as well as a sanctuary of safety and peace. Composed in 1848-1849, toward the end of a life cut short, it is documented that Schumann “cherished” these pieces. Hal Freedman http://cdbaby.com/cd/halfreedman3

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