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Corul “Angeli”(STOR BM) Cluj-Napoca 31.03.07 – Zamfira

Tăticul meu e la război (Glorie Armatei Române)

Dedicata la toti cei care nu si-au mai vazut fratii, tatii, unchii, si bunicii, si verisorii
umbland pe jos pamintul Rusiei spre Gulag….Unde sant ei, prizonieri de razboi, manati ca o ciurda de vite:  unde le sant monumentele, unde crucile de la cap?

Doru Stanculescu – Hai, hai, haidi, hai (Pe sub flori ma leganai) (“un cantec minunat, a carui adancuri inca sant de explorat!”)


N-a sti nimeni ca m-am dus,
Numa m-or vedea ca nu-s,

Sus e cerul, larga-i lumea,
Bine c-a-nfrunzit padurea.

Hai, hai, hai, haidi, hai, dihai,
Pe sub flori ma leganai 
Hai, hai, hai, haidi, hai, dihai,
Pe sub flori ma leganai. 

Sus e cerul, larga-i lumea,
N-a sti nimeni ca m-am dus,

Bine c-a-nfrunzit padurea
Numai or vedea ca nu-s

Hai, hai, hai, haidi, hai, dihai,
Pe sub flori ma leganai 
Hai, hai, hai, haidi, hai, dihai,
Pe sub flori ma leganai.

Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713): Concerto grosso Op.6 No.12 in F Major

Bohdan Warchal – Violin
Quido Hölbling – Violin
Juraj Alexander – Cello
Slovak Chamber Orchestra

Luca Novac – Ardeleana din Banat

Dumitru Farcas: DOINA DU TE DOR IN MUNTI DE PIATRA (“Am adus doina cu mine!”)

Luca Novac – populara banateana 2010

William Makepeace Thackeray

When one fib becomes due as it were, you must forge another to take up the old acceptance; and so the stock of your lies in circulation inevitably multiplies, and the danger of detection increases every day.

William Makepeace Thackeray (1811-1863) Discuss

Today’s Birthday: FANNY FERN (1811)

Fanny Fern (1811)

Fanny Fern was the pseudonym of Sara Willis Parton, an immensely popular American columnist and novelist known for her conversational writing style and emphasis on the everyday concerns of middle-class women. Though she had struggled to support her children after her first husband died and caused a scandal by ending her unhappy second marriage, she persevered and by 1855 commanded the unprecedented sum of $100 a week for her New York Ledger column. What famous saying is attributed to her?More… Discuss


Queen Elizabeth Wakes to Find Strange Man in Her Bedroom (1982)

In the early hours of July 9, 1982, 32-year-old Michael Fagan broke into Buckingham Palace—for the second time—and entered Queen Elizabeth II’s bedroom. He set off the alarm, but guards believed it to be false and turned it off. The Queen awoke when Fagan moved a curtain in her bedroom, and he talked to her while she waited for police to arrive. The officer who was supposed to be posted outside her door at the time was walking the Queen’s dogs. Why was Fagan not charged for his brazen trespass? More… Discuss



Flattops Out, Flat Spots In

Education programs aimed at encouraging parents to put babies to sleep on their backs have helped lower the mortality rate from sudden infant death syndrome, but they have also contributed to the growing incidence of flat spots on the backs of babies’ heads. Nearly half of Canadian two-month olds now have an observable head deformation. Though this is more of a cosmetic issue than a health risk, researchers say parents should still do their best to prevent flat spots from developing. Steps they can take include holding babies whenever possible, only putting them in car seats when traveling, and giving them supervised “tummy time” when they are awake.More… Discuss



Sabiha Gökçen, First Female Combat Pilot

When Gökçen was 10 years old, Turkey became a republic. As it Westernized during the presidency of her adoptive father, Kemal Atatürk, Turkish women gained more freedom, securing the right to vote in 1934. A year later, Gökçen enrolled in the Türkkusu Flight School as its first female pupil. After attending the Air Force Academy, she became the first female combat pilot. While with the Turkish Air Force, she logged some 8,000 flight hours, including combat missions. Why had Atatürk adopted her?More… Discuss