Today’s Birthday: ELWYN BROOKS “E. B.” WHITE (1899)

Elwyn Brooks “E. B.” White (1899)

After starting his writing career as a reporter, White settled in New York and became known for his impeccable prose style as a contributing editor of New Yorker magazine. Talented in diverse genres, he collaborated with James Thurber on satire, wrote the classic children’s books Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web, and revised William Strunk Jr.‘s grammar and composition text The Elements of Style, which became a definitive writing guide. How did White know Strunk?More… Discuss


8 responses to “Today’s Birthday: ELWYN BROOKS “E. B.” WHITE (1899)

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  2. This is my absolute, all-time favorite book from childhood! And I love E.B. White’s essays. He is awesome.


  3. Minunate cărţi pentru copii!


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