Silvestre Revueltas Sánchez (Durango, December 31, 1899 – Mexico City, October 5, 1940) was a Mexican composer of symphonic music modernist of the first half of the twentieth century, violinist and conductor. It is considered the most influential composer of Mexican nationality by the scope and originality of his chamber music and certain works that have become a very important part of the orchestral repertoire. Revueltas’s music has attracted international musicological interest, a phenomenon observed only until 50 years after his death. The different investigations are shaping a composer whose importance you place within the original creations of the twentieth century music.According to several authors is the only composer of genius who has had Mexico. Even Peter Garland, one of its leading scholars, is considered the best composer emerged in Latin America. Anyway, his brief catalog of works is enough to consider a universal dimension author does not need the amount to overcome his contemporaries. Studies show an author that does not match the aesthetics of Mexican nationalism as was long box, but is in touch with the latest avant-garde of his time as Yolanda Moreno Rivas considered a style that transcended highly informed and at the same nationalism. In 1943, three years after the author’s death, Rosaura Revueltas, sister of the composer, acquired the rights to all Revueltas manuscripts which remained unpublished because the composer almost did not publish any work in life. Rosaura tells the huge and difficult task of publishing and disseminating personally performed without any help for the publication in the United States of works by Revueltas who died in poverty and oblivion at age 40.The rejection of his work for a long time and little widespread recognition was due largely to their affiliations leftist and socialist tendencies to which Revueltas was always faithful. The complex situation of the publication of his works originated that their music is not in the public domain until after 2020. In 1998 appeared the first publication of the complete catalog of the works of Revueltas, however, some of his works still remain unedited. Every time they go doing more recordings of the music of Revueltas world, all awaiting the definitive biography that nearly 70 years after his death has not appeared. Riots in 1939 was associated with Chano Urueta film director, producer and Salvador Novo and scenarist Mario Moreno Cantinflas. In this year, Revueltas was devoted to cinema. Urueta jobs in the film have long been a poor opinion of the critics. Filming of The Night of the Mayas began on February 17, 1939. The film has no cinematic value. He finished with a large contribution of Gabriel Figueroa in photography in the ruins of the Maya and the extraordinary music of Revueltas, which became one of the most performed orchestral works of the composer. According to Contreras Soto Revueltas’s score is highly emotional, dramatic and brilliant. The Night of the Mayas was released on September 7, 1939 in Film Alameda Mexico City. During the composition of music, Revueltas received the news of the death of his mother Roman Arias Sánchez. The current version of the music of the night of the Maya is a compilation of the music of the film by José Ives Limantour 20 years after the death of the composer who performed as a symphony. The following film score by Revueltas was The Underdogs, also Urueta address and then my husband Coming!.Both films were released in 1940. Although scores of film production earned him some financial gain, Revueltas retired from film composition.

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