Trayvon Martin Shooting – Zimmerman’s COMPLETE 911 Call, With Audio And Transcript

Trayvon Martin ShootingZimmerman’s Complete 911 Call Audio And Transcript
This is the complete 911 call which Zimmerman made to the Sanford police department that night. Along with this audio, is the complete transcript of the 911 call…even the multitude of ambient noises in the background are logged. This transcript speak volumes towards the phycology of the tenseness of that evening. 

This transcript isn’t perfect, but it as complete and comprehensive as a non-professional private citizen can make. If you have any rebuttals, comments, or theories, please make them. There is no sense in being ugly in the commentary as I am only trying to illustrate exactly what was said. This is the only transcript that I know of that identifies the ambient sounds in such great detail. This is an attempt to help you capture the heartbeat of the total situation. 

You may find it necessary to pause the video and go back as sometimes the conversation and the ambient sounds collide. After viewing this, some of you will have a much better understand of the preceding moments leading up the shooting. Many of you will be indifferent, and many of you will try to accuse me of villainizing Zimmerman.


7 responses to “Trayvon Martin Shooting – Zimmerman’s COMPLETE 911 Call, With Audio And Transcript

  1. Sad, isn’t it? That so much pain comes to so many for such stupid reasons, for no reason really. It seems to me that we have not advanced much, despite the trappings of civilization.


    • Civilization died when civility was abolished and replaced with the law of “Suspicion”, which occur the moment it could be impose on the population…Unfortunately, since there are no rules on what to be suspicious about, everyone feeling the call to suspect, is doing it out of his/her blessed heart, and they can’t go wrong… So they are out for a hunt, with a carte blanche in the pocket and a loaded gun (at Least) and a lot of suspicion in a sick mind! Thing is: what group of innocent classes are on the hunting menu tomorrow?


  2. A Sad Tragedy .Hopefully People will find the path for a peaceful tomorrow.Thank you for
    liking my post (Heart…Mind..) My best regards.jalal


  3. Thanks for the like on my post today, George…


    • Yes, It is hard to accept how easy the “Suspicion” was placed above the law of the land on the panoply, like a hunted rain dear trophy, and how with all the discussion against, it made its way in the mind and the heart of the “Suspicious one”, brain washed, blind by suspicion, and eager killer! If this Does not become a lesson in civility, we do not live in a civilized country and we are all in mortal danger, if not today…tomorrow!


    • Yes….It could have been my or you, because suspicion is a deadly weapon….we Romanian know it better than most! suspicion of the wife, of the father, of the neighbor, ultimately ….of one self -brainwashing, it is all it takes!: “the sleep of reason generates monster”
      Thanks for commenting!


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