STAY IN THE WORKFORCE TO STAVE OFF DEMENTIA (so…with no retirement there would be no dementia?)

Stay in the Workforce to Stave off Dementia

Many people nowadays are delaying retirement for economic reasons, but new research suggests this could actually be doing wonders for their cognitive health. Medical records from nearly half a million people in France indicate that remaining in the workforce can reduce the risk of developing dementia by 3.2 percent per year. The findings add to a growing body of evidence suggesting that lifestyle factors such as physical activity, social engagement, and mental stimulation—all of which employment tends to provide—have a protective effect on the brain. More…


17 responses to “STAY IN THE WORKFORCE TO STAVE OFF DEMENTIA (so…with no retirement there would be no dementia?)

  1. My dad had dementia which is Alzheimer’s his dr told us. At first he started getting bad paying his bills then he started forgetting who his kids were and eventually he was stuck in the 50 in his memories. It was very hard to watch him fade away but he did. I agree that he isolated a lot and his dr said that is not a good thing. He should have kept working and not retired. But anyway I saw your post and of a subject that is heart felt for me. Thanks for sharing it.

    • I’m sorry to hear that and hope to have other post of interest.
      While isolation becomes more and more a result of our way of life, I think that music, ergotherapy, and the simple act of living every moment are very important, that no medication can substitute. I wish I knew more on the subject!

      The best to you and know that you are not alone, unfortunately, that people carry with them illnesses for years before finding out the inevitable, that the inevitable is not in a foggy, undefined future, but rather sooner…and defined!



      • This is what my dad’s dr said. People do carry some illnesses around dormant. I am not one that worries but sometimes when I forget things I do say to myself am I like my dad? Then I realize that if I realize I forget then I am not like him. He didn’t realize he was forgetting! So sad and scary for him. Be Blessed George I love your posts. I always find interesting things that you share! I don’t comment much but I read them! Keep on keepin’ on! Michelle

      • Thanks Michelle…I hope you will surround your father with music, colors, and kin words!

      • George I hate to tell you this but he passed away recently. My blog is about dealing with his loss and the illness of my child and my coming to grips and processing it all. I always read articles on dementia and also Alzheimer’s because I knew so little about it and my dad passed away so quickly he had 3 strokes and I was waiting for him to recover from the last one when he passed in his sleep. He was only 74 to me that was not near enough life to love him. Daily I learn so much from him still. Caring for him in his last days was the greatest gift in my life. Thank you for your kindness be blessed.

      • Thanks for clarifying the loss of your father for me…You are always welcome to find, in my posts, that which helps you coming to terms with such a great loss. I would try to find solace in the Videos and books, John Bradshaw has so graciously made available to us and from which everyone found a way, to cope, to move on, to learn from… I dearly loved those seminars, on public television, a decade ago.

        I found things to become easier to deal with, when I truly understood that my situation was not so unique, as I first thought, and that fact, in itself made me consoled, a bit, and ready to look with more objectivity upon my my predicament…

        Sooner or later, we all get to that threshold, and we all step over it, and into the unknown.



      • Isn’t that so true when you realize you are not the only one that suffers as you do? I have found solace and am slowly rebuilding my heart and mind! It seems that a lot of things snowballed at once and I never really faced any of it so I am currently processing every single painful bit of my life up to these 48 years. It is healing for sure! I rely on God’s grace to see me through and of course I do listen to motivation speakers through my work day! They are very uplifting and I learn so much. I’m like a sponge at the moment.
        Currently I am learning about boundaries. Like having some. People that don’t have trouble like that probably think why don’t you just stop. Well I am learning about my personal space, not sharing too much with the wrong people and observing a lot.
        You have a lot of wonderful things to share! Be blessed as you have blessed otherS! Have a super weekend as well. I’m so thankful it is Friday! 😀

      • Here is an you tube video from one of the most moving Sessions John Bradshaw aired….But it is much more than a motivational speaker…He digs deep into the cultural, roots of the problems leading to the disconnect, and the state of confusion about the general human condition, in general…

        He is probably among the very few people alive, who brings the realization of who who really are, and what our needs are and how to be at peace with our own spiritual being….Hard to do in a consumerist society, where they want you to buy,buy buy, and thing nothing of it (so to speak) 🙂

      • OH wow thank you for sharing this with me. I had no idea someone like that was possible. I have to admit I have been sequestered away taking care of my ill child and my dad so than you so very much for sending this to me. I shall watch it tomorrow and give you my thoughts if you like! 😀 thank you george

      • My pleasure, and please let me know how it develops: no expectations, just feel the ideas, th econcepts pouring out of tha t man’s soul, and that is food for your soul!

      • Gosh I never knew it matter nor that I had a soul! That mattered anyway! I have a long way to go I can see George I just hope one day I have this huge epiphany! Quickly! 😀

      • OMG that is awesome! I cried instantly! thank you!

      • I’m glad you found value in that segment… There are many, many hours of him, on Cd, DVD, etc and it is worth listening to what it has to say…It helped everyone I know to understand themselves, to be able to take care of themselves, when they needed most.

        Blessings, and keep at it, in good time!

      • George I hope you do not mind if I pick your brain one day! I want to know of these things. I have always been a believer in Christ and God and his gifts and calling but I seem to have missed something and I so want to know what that is. Thank you!

      • I may not be of great help there!

      • I do believe you will for sure! Thank you so much. I like what you share. I hope to be enlightened! not to sound weird or anything!

      • Will see!

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