350lb American Grouper | River Monsters

Jeremy catches a gigantic grouper with fearsome spikes on its back.
More Extreme Fishing- http://animal.discovery.com/tv/river-… | Watch River Monsters Sundays @ 10pm e/p! |

2 responses to “350lb American Grouper | River Monsters

  1. In South Florida seas these grouper are call Jewfish and can get to that 700 pound mark. One friend could haul one up only by attaching the steel line to his truck bumper and pulling away.


    • Thanks Carl, you always have a juicy story 🙂 700 lb. is a bigger than big, He was lucky I guess not be drown (taken to the grouper den). Thank you so much for telling the story. I know one thing: You’ll not going to see me noodling, If don’t see it, it scares me! Fishing’s different! there is a long line, a rod, and a hook between me and the grouper!
      Nice chat, Carl!


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