Detroit firefighters protest bankruptcy

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The Detroit Public Safety Workers Action Group picketing at the Southwest Public Safety Center

From the World Socialist Web Site in the USA:

Detroit firefighters protest bankruptcy, pension cuts

By our reporters

23 July 2013

Detroit firefighters are picketing fire stations throughout the city this week to protest the emergency manager’s decision to throw the city into bankruptcy and attack the jobs, pensions and other benefits of 31,000 current and retired municipal employees.

An ad hoc organization called the Public Safety Workers Action Group called the protests to highlight the dangers facing Detroit’s citizens because of decades of layoffs, fire station closings and the outsourcing of Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Veteran firefighter Dennis Hunter said the department had 1,800 firefighters and 77 fire companies in 1983. Twenty years later, the department only operates 42 fire companies with 830 firefighters. During this period, the number of fire-related deaths has more than doubled, with 79 fatalities in 2012-13, he said.

Firefighters are compelled to respond…

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