This Day in the Yesteryear: SIX-YEAR-OLD ADAM WALSH KIDNAPPED (1981)

Six-Year-Old Adam Walsh Kidnapped (1981)

Adam Walsh disappeared in 1981 after his mother left him playing video games at a department store in Hollywood, Florida, while she shopped nearby. Two weeks later, his severed head was found in a canal, but the investigation was largely mishandled, and no one was ever arrested. His father, John Walsh, devoted his life to advocating for missing children and became the host of the TV showAmerica’s Most Wanted. In 2008, police closed the case on Adam. Who do they believe killed him? More… Discuss

2 responses to “This Day in the Yesteryear: SIX-YEAR-OLD ADAM WALSH KIDNAPPED (1981)

  1. The Walshes lived just 10 miles north of me. It was such a tragic nightmare for all of us. I remember praying fort the little boy every night.


    • When were children were always told the stories about kidnappings, but it was for the first time here that I was exposed to them…It could be that some were not reported, but i don’t think so somehow in a dictatorship like Romania was not so much crime was possible: the secret police would know tight away. I remember there were in the 70 a serial killer on the loose in Bucharest (Ramaru) they caught him after three weeks and put him in from of the firing squad less than a week may be later. All quite on the Eastern Front afterwards
      Thanks for sharing your experience Carl, and having a nice chat!



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