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My Compass, poetic thought by George-b

My Compass, poetic thought by George-b

My compass has always pointed to the true true North…
Only true North has changed
so many time lately, that my compass
points to true South for true North….
True North,
why have you changed truth for us?

George H.W. Bush: Shaving head was ‘right thing to do’ – TODAY.com


George H.W. Bush: Shaving head was ‘right thing to do’ – TODAY.com.

Quotation: Rudyard Kipling on keeping the jungle law

Now this is the Law of the Jungle—as old and as true as the sky;
And the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the Wolf that shall break it must die.

Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) Discuss

Today’s Birthday: REGINA JONAS (1902)

Regina Jonas (1902)

After being denied ordination at least once, German Jewess Regina Jonas finally found a rabbi willing to defy convention and make her, in 1935, the first ordained woman rabbi. A victim of the Holocaust, Jonas’s story went forgotten for many years, only coming to light when some of her writings, including a document titled “Lectures of the One and Only Woman Rabbi, Regina Jonas,” were rediscovered long after her death at the hands of the Nazis. Where was she when she delivered these lectures?More… Discuss



Operation Sunshine: First Crossing of a Submerged Vessel at North Pole (1958)

The USS Nautilus was the world’s first operational nuclear-powered submarine. In 1958, the Nautilus embarked on Operation Sunshine, during which it completed the first submerged journey across the North Pole, resurfacing northeast of Greenland 96 hours later. During the mission, deep ice in the area of the Chukchi Sea forced the Nautilus to turn back temporarily. In the event that the submarine became trapped in ice, what dramatic action did its commander plan to take? More… Discuss


Mysterious Coffin Unearthed Near King Richard III’s Burial Site

Archeologists excavating a Leicester parking lot whereKing Richard III of England’s remains were previously discovered have unearthed an intriguing new artifact there: a coffin-within-a-coffin. During the course of excavations at the former site of the Grey Friars Church, the dig team found a stone coffin and, when they finally managed to lift the heavy lid—an eight-man job—they were amazed to find that it contained within it yet another coffin, this one made of lead. The inner coffin has yet to be opened, and the identity of the person inside remains a mystery at this time. More… Discuss



Lost Films

When not a single copy of a film is known to exist in any archive, it is considered lost. An estimated 90% of all American silent films and 50% of American sound films made before 1950 are believed to have been lost, in part because early nitrate film was chemically unstable and prone to rapid decomposition. Early film was highly flammable too, and fires claimed more than a few archives. While many of Charlie Chaplin’s films survived, he sought to destroy his own A Woman of the Sea. Why? More… Discuss


Cenote Diver, Mexico — Travel 365 — National Geographic


Cenote Diver, Mexico — Travel 365 — National Geographic.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bipartisanship is a political situation, usually in the context of a two-party system, in which opposing political parties find common ground[disambiguation needed] through compromise, in theory. Realistically, each party advances their own political agenda at the expense of the other party because of the conflicting ideologie…

As you can see, the so called in-fight  does not have anything to do with a moral, progressive or expected socio-political outcome from which the vast majority of the population to benefit in any way>>>>I wonder why? 

What does the outcome of two extreme right ideologies conflicting, has to do with the national progress and well being of the population of a country? 

Girl soldier: a love affair in wartime – in pictures | Art and design | theguardian.com

Girl soldier: a love affair in wartime – in pictures | Art and design | theguardian.com.

Joan of Arc – Jennifer Warnes & Leonard Cohen


“Joan Of Arc” Lyrics

Now the flames they followed Joan of Arc 
as she came riding through the dark; 
no moon to keep her armour bright, 
no man to get her through this very smoky night. 
She said, “I’m tired of the war, 
I want the kind of work I had before, 
a wedding dress or something white 
to wear upon my swollen appetite.” 
Well, I’m glad to hear you talk this way, 
you know I’ve watched you riding every day 
and something in me yearns to win 
such a cold and lonesome heroine. 
“And who are you?” she sternly spoke 
to the one beneath the smoke. 
“Why, I’m fire,” he replied, 
“And I love your solitude, I love your pride.” 

“Then fire, make your body cold, 
I’m going to give you mine to hold,” 
saying this she climbed inside 
to be his one, to be his only bride. 
And deep into his fiery heart 
he took the dust of Joan of Arc, 
and high above the wedding guests 
he hung the ashes of her wedding dress. 

It was deep into his fiery heart 
he took the dust of Joan of Arc, 
and then she clearly understood 
if he was fire, oh then she must be wood. 
I saw her wince, I saw her cry, 
I saw the glory in her eye. 
Myself I long for love and light, 
but must it come so cruel, and oh so bright? Continue reading

Leonard Cohen – Light as the Breeze

From his album “The Future” (1992).
All paintings by Gustav Klimt.

“Light As The Breeze” Lyrics

She stands before you naked 
you can see it, you can taste it, 
and she comes to you light as the breeze. 
Now you can drink it or you can nurse it, 
it don’t matter how you worship 
as long as you’re 
down on your knees. 
So I knelt there at the delta, 
at the alpha and the omega, 
at the cradle of the river and the seas. 
And like a blessing come from heaven 
for something like a second 
I was healed and my heart 
was at ease. 

O baby I waited 
so long for your kiss 
for something to happen, 
oh something like this. 

And you’re weak and you’re harmless 
and you’re sleeping in your harness 
and the wind going wild 
in the trees, 
and it ain’t exactly prison 
but you’ll never be forgiven 
for whatever you’ve done 
with the keys. 

O baby I waited … 

It’s dark now and it’s snowing 
O my love I must be going, 
The river has started to freeze. 
And I’m sick of pretending 
I’m broken from bending 
I’ve lived too long on my knees. 

Then she dances so graceful 
and your heart’s hard and hateful 
and she’s naked 
but that’s just a tease. 
And you turn in disgust 
from your hatred and from your love 
and comes to you 
light as the breeze. 

O baby I waited … 

There’s blood on every bracelet 
you can see it, you can taste it, 
and it’s Please baby 
please baby please. 
And she says, Drink deeply, pilgrim 
but don’t forget there’s still a woman 
beneath this 
resplendent chemise. 

So I knelt there at the delta, 
at the alpha and the omega, 
I knelt there like one who believes. 
And the blessings come from heaven 
and for something like a second 
I’m cured and my heart 
is at ease.



The past modeling the present… Also models the future! (LIES A STORY OF SUCCESS!)

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Haiku: Clearing, poetic thought by George-B

Haiku: Clearing,   poetic thought by George-B


Is the pass to any clearing

In unfocused eye.


NSA Director Gets Heckled at Black Hat Hacker Convention

FLASH MOB – Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling – Chicago

Yeah great moments!

US using satellites to spy on Americans: Former NSA analyst

Family Survival Protocol - Microcosm News

Sat Aug 3, 2013 12:26AM GMT

Edward Snowden for the first time revealed the US agency’s massive spying programs.

Former National Security Agency analyst Russell Tice says the US government has used satellites to spy on Americans, collecting the exact contents of every digital communication in the country.

“The United States were, at that time, using satellites to spy on American citizens. At that time, it was news organizations, the State Department, including Colin Powell, and an awful lot of senior military people and industrial types,” he said in an interview with PBS.

“This was in 2002-2003 time frame. The NSA were targeting individuals. In that case, they were judges like the Supreme Court. I held in my hand Judge Alito’s targeting information for his phones and his staff and his family,” Tice added.

Tice, who worked as an analyst of the agency for two decades, also noted that he…

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Turnbull Canyon and a Wonderful about 3.3 miles walk today, and a Quote by Lao Tzu: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

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Turnbull Canyon, walk today, Puente Hills, Continue reading

Twitter / HP_Oliver: #SwingStreet Detroit Deco: …


Twitter / HP_Oliver: #SwingStreet Detroit Deco: ….

USA TODAY: Latest World and US News – USATODAY.com


USA TODAY: Latest World and US News – USATODAY.com.




A Serious Side to Paddleboarding Fun

A Serious Side to Paddleboarding Fun.

Dem Rep. Says the Tea Party Is the ‘Same Group’ of ‘White Crackers’ Who Fought to Keep Segregation | TheBlaze.com

Dem Rep. Says the Tea Party Is the ‘Same Group’ of ‘White Crackers’ Who Fought to Keep Segregation | TheBlaze.com.

“We Are Down But Not Out, We Will Rise Again”: Rep. John Conyers on Detroit Bankruptcy – YouTube

“We Are Down But Not Out, We Will Rise Again”: Rep. John Conyers on Detroit Bankruptcy – YouTube.

Phil Spector on Lana Clarkson Murder

Clips of interviews we conducted with Phil Spector in March of 2005, after he killed Lana Clarkson, before he went to jail for said crime.

When Huell Met Barbi Benton | Retro Huell | TV Talk | KCET

When Huell Met Barbi Benton | Retro Huell | TV Talk | KCET.

When Huell Met Barbi Benton | Retro Huell | TV Talk | KCET

When Huell Met Barbi Benton | Retro Huell | TV Talk | KCET.



Brahms Symphony No. 3 in F Major Op. 90

Brahms’ third symphony, played by the legendary Vienna Philharmonic, conducted by Istvan Kertesz.

First movement: Beginning
Second movement: 13:29
Third movement: 22:12
Fourth movement: 28:16

Chopin – Valentina Igoshina – Prelude Op. 28, No. 15

This is Valentina Igoshina playing rather beautifully Chopin’s ‘Raindrop’ Prelude in D Flat Major, Op. 28, No. 15. 

MAX BRUCH – Violin Concerto No, 1 in G Minor. Op. 26. – SHLOMO MINTZ/Claudio Abbado/Chicago Symphony

For more information on violinist, Shlomo Mintz, please go to his official website at: http://www.shlomo-mintz.com/en/biography

Shlomo Mintz (born October 30, 1957) is an Israeli violin virtuoso, violist and conductor. He regularly appears with orchestras and conductors on the international scene and is heard in recitals and chamber music concerts around the world Continue reading

Francis Poulenc – Novelettes

Novelettes (3) for piano, FP 47 & 173 (1927-1959)

I. No. 1 in C major
II. No. 2 in B flat minor (2:55)
III. No. 3 in E minor (4:55)

Gabriel Tacchino, piano

Art by Armand Guillaumin

Edvard Grieg: Peer Gynt Suite #1 Op 46

Edvard Grieg. – Peer Gynt. Suite No. 1 Op 46.  

Morning Death of Aase
Anitra’s Dance
In the palace of the king of mountains
Vienna Festival Orchestra Directed by Gianfranco Rivoli Edvard
Grieg in 1876 was thirty-three years old and had begun to emerge within the musical compositions of his country as the famous Piano Concerto in A minor and the Lyric Pieces for piano.
With Peer Gynt memorable encounter occurred between the best pen and the best musician in Norway of all time. Given the public’s enthusiasm, Grieg decided that his own life had music on stage and wrote two suites, which are among the most popular works of classical music called.
Peer Gynt Peer Gynt is a Norwegian drama writer Henrik Ibsen. It was written in 1867 and first performed in Oslo (then called Christiania) on February 24, 1876, with incidental music of Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg.
Ibsen wrote Peer Gynt traveling to Rome, Ischia and Sorrento.
It was published on November 14, 1867, in Copenhagen. The first edition was 1,250 copies.
It was followed by a reprint of 2,000 copies after 14 days. The large amount of sales was due mainly to the success of the previous drama of Ibsen, Brand.
Unlike other works of Ibsen, Peer Gynt is written in verse.
This is because originally going to be a drama written, not for performance at theater.
The difficulties to quickly change scene (including a whole act in darkness) were some problems in interpretation. Nor is it like the later works of Ibsen as it is a work of fantasy rather than a realistic tragedy.

Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky: Eugene Onegin Waltz

Tchaikovsky wrote Eugene Onegin in 1878, using a libretto by Konstantin Shilovsky and himself, based on the epic poem by Alexander Pushkin. The composer was first drawn to the project by the famous “letter scene” (Act One, Scene Two), in which Tatyana declares her affections for Onegin. Tchaikovsky provided music for this scene—at least the latter part of it—first and built the rest of the work around it, ultimately producing his most popular opera. Continue reading

J.S. Bach – Harpsichord or (Organ) Concerto in d minor, BWV 1059 / Ton Koopman, organ

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685~1750)
Konzert für Clavier, Streicher und Basso Continuo d-moll, BWV 1059
(incomplete work, revision by Ton Koopman version)
I. Sinfonia (from cantata, BWV 35: Sinfonia) – 00:00
II. Aria (from cantata, BWV 35: “Gott hat alles wohlgemacht”) – 05:18
III. Sinfonia: presto (from cantata, BWV 35: Second Sinfonia) – 08:59
Ton Koopman (orgel)
Ku Ebbinge (oboe da caccia)
The Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra
Ton Koopman (conductor)
*Clavier(Keyboard): harpsichord, clavichord, claviorganum, or organ etc.* 
 Concerto in d minor, BWV 1059 (incomplete) – 

Fragment consisting of 9 bars(only the first 9 bars survive in Bach’s own hand). Taken from the opening Sinfonia of the Cantata, BWV 35 “Geist und Seele wird verwirret” (1726) In the cantata, Bach uses an obbligato organ not only in the two sinfonias (which evidently form the first and last movements of a lost instrumental concerto, possibly for Oboe) but also in the aria No. 1, whose siciliano character likewise points to its original function as a concerto movement. Bach intended to write this out as a harpsichord concerto but abandoned the endeavor after only 9 bars. Continue reading

From Reuters: Russians welcome asylum for Edward Snowden (video and Transcript)

Russians welcome asylum for Edward Snowden Video

Russians welcome asylum for Edward Snowden Video (Click to watch the video at Reuters, or don’t…your choice!)

Some Moscow residents approved of Russia’s decision to grant asylum to American fugitive Edward Snowden saying it showed Russia makes its own decisions. (SOUNDBITE) (Russian) MOSCOW RESIDENT YEKATERINA, SAYING: “Why Russia did this – I think they want to tell the Americans once again: guys, we do not have to adjust to your rules all the time, we are an independent great country and we have the right to make the decisions which are beneficial to us.” Russia granted the former spy agency contractor asylum for one year on Thursday when he was allowed to slip out of the Moscow airport where he had been holed up for over a month (SOUNDBITE) (Russian) MOSCOW RESIDENT ANASTASIA, SAYING: “I have nothing against Edward Snowden in Russia. If I was in his place, I would write a Sheremetyevo airport guidebook.” Snowden, who had his U.S. passport revoked by Washington, had bided his time in the transit area between the runway and passport control, which Russia considers neutral territory. U.S.-Russian relations were strained by the move, with several high-level U.S.-Russian talks being put in doubt. Prominent U.S. lawmakers – including Republicans and Democrats – condemned Russia’s action and urged Obama to take stern retaliatory steps.

Obama’s Fall Moscow Trip Is Even More in Doubt – NYTimes.com

Obama’s Fall Moscow Trip Is Even More in Doubt – NYTimes.com.

Swaps Probe Finds Banks Rigged Rate at Expense of Retirees – Bloomberg


Swaps Probe Finds Banks Rigged Rate at Expense of Retirees – Bloomberg.

Quotation: Oscar Wilde on hard work

Hard work is simply the refuge of people who have nothing whatever to do.

Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) Discuss

Today’s Birthday: CONSTANTINE I OF GREECE (1868)

Constantine I of Greece (1868)

The reign of Constantine I was a trying one. He succeeded his father as king of Greece in 1913 and was almost immediately faced with World War I. His neutralist, yet essentially pro-German, attitude caused the Allies and his Greek opponents to force his abdication and send him into exile in 1917. His leading opponent’s fall from power in 1920 opened the door for Constantine to be restored to the throne, but his homecoming was short lived. Why did he abdicate for a second time in 1922? More… Discuss


This Day in the Yesteryear: THE GULF OF TONKIN INCIDENT (1964)

The Gulf of Tonkin Incident (1964)

While on patrol in the Gulf of Tonkin, the USS Maddoxwas attacked by North Vietnamese torpedo boats. Two days later, US boats were supposedly attacked again without provocation. These events—known collectively as the Gulf of Tonkin Incident—prompted US Congress to pass a resolution allowing President Lyndon B. Johnson to use military force in Southeast Asia without a formal declaration of war, leading to increased US involvement in the Vietnam War. Had there in fact been a second attack? More… Discuss



Talk Show Stirs Controversy with Recent Giveaways

Talk shows have been known to pull all sorts of stunts to better their ratings. The Oprah show, for example, made headlines in 2004, when it gifted a brand new car to each member of its audience. However, one popular Pakistani talk show has taken this giveaway gambit to the extreme, giving babies to childless families live on the air. So far, two abandoned baby girls have been given away on the show, and a boy is expected to be given away shortly. The show purports to be saving these children from almost certain death, but critics have expressed disgust over what they perceive to be an exploitation of the plight of these youngsters. More… Discuss


Electric Eels

Electric eels are the sluggish inhabitants of slow freshwater basins in South America. Cylindrical, scaleless, and gray-brown, they can grow to nine feet (2.75 m) long and weigh up to 49 pounds (22 kg). The electric eel, however, is not a true eel, but is rather a knifefish that can produce a shock—powerful enough to stun a human—while hunting or in self-defense. The shock is produced by the electric organs in its body that generate charge in a manner similar to what common household item?More… Discuss