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As technology has evolved over the past two centuries, so have our expectations about privacy. This new digital world allows us to connect with each other with increasing ease, but it has also left our personal information readily available, and our privacy vulnerable. Cultural norms have pushed us all online, seemingly at the mercy of whatever terms of service are put before us. Cookies and tracking allow companies to collect limitless amounts of information about us, often more than we’d share with family and friends. And in the push for national security, the government has collected vast amounts of information as well, often without our knowledge. With the NSA leak reigniting this important debate, we take a closer look at the state of privacy in the digital age.


Robert Ellis Smith, Roger Williams University School of Law
Helen Nissenbaum, NYU
Julian Sanchez, Cato Institute 

1) “The League of Artificial Intelligence Theme” by T.W.A.S. Soundlab –

2) “The Final Rewind” by Tryad –…

3) “CyberDreams” by Mindthings –…

4) “July.#04” by Arizono Kazuhiro –…

5) “The beginning” by Fabrizio Brugnera –…

6) “On my terms” by Azoora –…

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