BBC News – Snowden link to encrypted email service closes


BBC News – Snowden link to encrypted email service closes.


10 responses to “BBC News – Snowden link to encrypted email service closes

  1. michaelmulholland

    As a Vet, my position is that Snowden is a disgrace, and should be charged with such crimes as Espionage and Treason…he is a Traitor!

    • I am sure that you have based your position on heartfelt values. I am of no opinion, nor do I feel I should embrace one, now, at my age. If I believe in anything is that we should be open to allow diverse opinions to reach us, with or without interpretation or making any decision upon a stand or a side: I do agree though that personal experience is almost always a ultimate decision making!

      • michaelmulholland

        Of course sir, the same for me at my age of 50 however I’m a veteran and a patriot, it’s just that simple for me but I do not nor will I embrace an argument…moral values and ethics, honor, respect, loyalty and integrity are the codes I live by…Snowden violated them all…and that’s not an opinion. Many blessings my friend. Red Crow

      • Fully acknowledged and with deep respect for the many occasions in which, I am sure we, you have literally put your well being to say the least, at risk, for a much larger cause! TGIF, and hope to enjoy the next beautiful photos you are taking…May be a song or two Michael: nothing brings people together deeper and more harmoniously than arts!
        Thank you for following my posts, and appreciate the feedback!

        I would like to visit Los Angeles crest (from Glendale, Right?) I like the pines, and the rails don’t look so dusty….Today I saw a coyote, 20 ft away-by the time I got my camera…it was already in thebushes! 🙂

      • michaelmulholland

        Bless your heart Sir…you’re absolutely correct about all that is art…we all relate! And yes, north of Glendale you can take the 2 freeway north to the 210 east to Angeles Crest Road and that will take way high and over all the way into Antelope Valley…it’s amazing up there….I love it…I have climbed so many of the mountains there…try to go sometime, you’ll love it. Many blessings my friend.

      • I live in Downey, and Turnbull is good for me, and my ailments, except the dust…I remember long time ago when I went up on the Crest, the pine trees and air was gratifying, to say the least…May be I’ll give it a try tomorrow! Thanks for reminding of directions!
        Blessing Michael!


      • michaelmulholland

        That is good George, I too have my ailments but I find keeping in motion is best for the mind body and spirit…

      • I f I don’t do it, I hurt in places like my back bone, and so on…And it is not going to get any better, but at least I’ll do something I put off for all my adult life, for all the good causes…Now I just roam around, smelling the flowers, recollecting my thoughts, my favorite music, and it seems gathering lots of new friends, in my virtual space: Isn’t life great?

      • michaelmulholland

        Same with me, I have an inoperable tumor in my spinal cord…I could wake up one day with paralyses or worse, but I must keep moving…blessings my friend.

      • I am sorry to hear that Michael…You and I have much more in common than you think…Is just that I want to keep it close and personal…We need to talk, get together, share some nice trips, and a thought or two… I feel that way friend…I very well end up with a lithe myself, right now osterporosis MM, thanks God last (3rd) type of chemo works….Courage, is all we have, facing a known outcome, was hard, but it brought with it a desire to share all I ever wanted (and it seems you do too) those things that made and kept us who we are, beyond the call of others, bur coming from within, the vast sea of spiritual life,within us, that we know so little about…until one day!

        Respect and blessings Red Cow! It ain’t over until it’s over, right?

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