Diabetes and sugary drinks, poetic thought by George-B

Diabetes and sugary drinks, poetic thought by George-B

Lately, everywhere I go
I seem to have my pass crossed by Coca-Cola 18 Wheeler,
carrying their sickening brew,
to a market near you: Buy it all,
get diabetes,
drink drink, drink… Make them rich, make you sick,
make health care industry rich, make you sick…
Get morbidly obese, get diabetes, drink at least a gallon a day…. shorten a meaningless life significantly…

Or just let their brew rot on their shelves, of age,
and live a day longer, by just water!
The choice is yours: your food market won’t make it for you,
and your doctor, won’t make it for you…
Cause there is money to be made off you…
from the choices you chose to make!

6 responses to “Diabetes and sugary drinks, poetic thought by George-B

  1. Nice public health message!


  2. A couple of months ago, I eliminated all refined sugar from my diet – and only consumed whatever sugar one gets in fruit. It was the subject of a 30-day challenge with a friend. Apart from feeling marked physical benefits after about two weeks’ abstinence (more energy, no water retention), it was a shock to realise that roughly 95% of all foodstuffs in most supermarkets contain added sugar in one form or another. I also discovered that one does not starve by rejecting 95% of what the store has to offer!
    I had a good chuckle that you managed a poem with the words “Coca Cola” and “health care industry”. 🙂


    • Truth is truth and it shall be told, in a most poetic form available…reality is really ugly! They are mixing sugar with fats, and salts, things that do not appear in nature…To our grandparents sugar was a luxury, and it would have been good if it stayed that way…for health sake. Thanks for sharing your challenge on sugar exclusion; I would add to sugary drinks soft drinks, as the sweeteners invented are very toxic… If people would return to the appreciation of water as natural source of hydration and cleansing, with a moderate sodium intake, we would be much healthier into our old age! And for all these natural remedies and prevention are the key, while medication, is expensive, and toxic they should be last, not first resort for when there is no other way to address illness. And then there is no better health promoter than walking daily, and if it is in the hills, even better!

      Thanks again Allison, and good luck with your plan! If you like bread…try and make your own, instead of buying what the industry calls bread, which is so far fetched, it’s unreal!


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