Mendelssohn-A Midsummer Night’s Dream-Scherzo Op.61 No.1

MendelssohnA Midsummer Night’s Dream
1.Overture Op.21 2.Scherzo Op.61 No.1 3.Intermezzo Op.61 No.2 4.Notturno Op.61 No.3 5.Wedding march Op.61 No.4 
Conductor:Anthony Bramall Ein Sommernachtsraum Slivak Philharmonic Orchestra
1987-6 Recording NAXOS

Paintings are from Van Gogh(1853-1890)
I should thank the artists! And hope nobody will mind it.

Maybe it is very very pity that one love to do something but he couldn’t perform it. I am not able to open youtube and upload my music videos for 43 months. Though I may watch some friends information in my E-mail box, but I can’t answer it.I made some music videos for waiting upload them 3 years ago. Now I may upload these videos again, and listen to the others good music, wonderful ! Thanks for love. 

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