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Igor Stravinsky, Four Norvegian Moods

Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971): Four Norvegian Moods (1942) – The Cleveland Orchestra diretta da Riccardo Chailly

Franz Danzi – Sinfonia Concertante for Flute, Clarinet, Orchestra Op.41 (1st. movt.)

Flute: Anton Dvizov Clarinet: Sergey Dereza
Conductor: Valery Chlebnikov
Orchestre symphonique de Volgograd Russia 12.04.2009

In Memory of Gregg Nielson Chopin Nocturne #20 C Sharp Minor Valentina Lisitsa

From Valentina: “It is so hard to lose a friend, a best friend, a friend of many years, a friend with whom we shared so many fondest memories….I am pathetically wetting my keyboard with tears as I am typing it…but I know Gregg is now getting ready to play some golf in a place where the weather is always good, the grass is always emerald green, and he has already paid his dues for an eternal membership ūüôā
I want to dedicate this Nocturne to the sweet memory of Gregg – and also to give solace Judy, his wife and my travel companion on so many adventures. Don’t judge harshly¬†I learned and recorded this piece in one day. This is the very least I could do, a small token of love and friendship ….I just want to quote a tweet , yes – a tweet, from @CardinalDolan , the tweet that came the day Gregg was leaving us:
“We all go through Good Friday moments in our lives but remember: The cross didn’t have the last word. The Ressurection did” “


Chopin Polonaise Op.26 #1 in c sharp minor. Valentina Lisitsa

Quotation: Kate Chopin about “the voice of the sea”

The voice of the sea is seductive; never ceasing, whispering, clamoring, murmuring, inviting the soul to wander for a spell in abysses of solitude; to lose itself in mazes of inward contemplation.

Kate Chopin (1851-1904) Discuss


Sir Henry Maximilian Beerbohm (1872)

A charming, witty, and elegant English caricaturist and writer, Beerbohm used his pen to parody whatever was pretentious, affected, or absurd in his famous and fashionable contemporaries. His works include¬†A Christmas Garland, a collection of parodies on such authors as Joseph Conrad and Thomas Hardy;¬†Zuleika Dobson, an amusing satire on Oxford and his only novel; and¬†Caricatures of Twenty-five Gentlemen, his first book of drawings. Who dubbed him “the incomparable Max“?More…¬†Discuss



Forced Resignation Prompts Brazilian President to Take His Own Life (1954)

President Get√ļlio Vargas led Brazil for 18 years, holding power from 1930 to 1945 and 1951 to 1954. Though defeated in the presidential election of 1930, he led a successful revolt that gained him the presidency. Vargas then set up the totalitarian¬†Estado Novo‚ÄĒ”New State”‚ÄĒbut was overthrown in a coup d’√©tat in 1945. He regained the presidency six years later but committed suicide under threat of impeachment as his popularity dwindled. What were the last words in his suicide note?¬†More…¬†Discuss



Syrian Crisis Has Created One Million Child Refugees

As reports emerge of another alleged¬†chemical weaponattack by the Syrian government against its own people, the flood of¬†refugees¬†out of the war-torn country has continued. This week, the one millionth child refugee fledSyria. Another two million children are displaced within the country. The¬†UN High Commissioner for Refugeesworries that an entire generation of Syrian youth is now at risk, as even those that escape physical harm may well suffer psychological trauma as a result of the violence and losses they have endured. The current refugee crisis is the worst in decades, reaching levels not seen since the¬†Rwandan genocide.¬†More…¬†Discuss



Uncontacted Peoples

It is hard to believe that in this day and age there are still isolated peoples who have rarely, if ever, communicated with members of modernized civilizations‚ÄĒbut there are, though their numbers are few. Aerial surveying technology has made it possible to observe and photograph some of these groups from afar. Pursuing contact with such tribes, however, is highly controversial. Opponents maintain that doing so could, and likely would, have deadly consequences. Why do they say this is?¬†More…¬†Discuss


Archimedes’ Secret (BBC Documentary)

This is the story of a book that could have changed the history of the World. To the untrained eye, it is nothing more than a small and unassuming Byzantine prayer book, yet it sold at Christies for over $2m. For faintly visible beneath the prayers on its pages are other, unique, writings – words that have been lost for nearly two thousand years.

The text is the only record of work by one of the world’s greatest minds – the ancient Greek, Archimedes – a mathematical genius centuries ahead of his time. Hidden for a millennium in a middle eastern library, it has been written over, broken up, painted on, cut up and re-glued. But in the nick of time scientists have saved the precious, fragile document, and for the first time it is revealing just how revolutionary Archimedes’ ideas were. If it had been available to scholars during the Renaissance, we might have reached the Moon over a hundred years ago.

The trail begins in the tenth century, when a scribe made a unique copy of the most important mathematics that Archimedes ever developed. For 200 years the document survived, but the mathematics in it was so complex that no one paid it any attention. So when one day a monk was looking for some new parchment – an expensive commodity at the time – to write a new prayer book, the answer seemed obvious. He used the Archimedes manuscript. He washed the Greek text off the pages, cut them in half, rebound them, and turned the Archimedes manuscript into an everyday prayer book. As he piously wrote out his prayers, he had no idea of the genius he was obliterating.

Several hundred years later, the Renaissance was under way. Scientists were beginning to grapple with new concepts, working out how mathematics could be used to explain the World around them. Little did they know that many of the problems they were just encountering Archimedes had already solved more than a thousand years before. So, tragically, they had to do that research all over again, setting back the development of science and technology immeasurably.

Then in 1906, in Constantinople, the document mysteriously turned up in a monastic library. An opportunistic scholar called Johan Ludwig Heiberg identified the text as Archimedes’ writings. Although the Greek text was very faint, Heiberg was able to decipher some of it. What he found astonished him, and made the front page of the New York Times. He revealed that Archimedes’ manuscript contained something called ‘The Method’, which showed not only Archimedes’ final proofs, but for the first time revealed the process of how he went about making his discoveries.


National Geographic – Gyre: Creating Art From a Plastic Ocean

Published on Aug 21, 2013

In this full-length web exclusive, National Geographic journeys along the remote Alaskan coast … in search of garbage. A team of scientists and artists investigates the buildup of marine debris washing out of the great gyres, or currents, in the Pacific Ocean. Called the Gyre Expedition, their goal is to create art from the trash they find to raise awareness about its impact on oceans and wildlife. Their artwork will become part of a traveling exhibition in 2014.¬†

Learn more about the expedition and the next phase of the Gyre Project:


From ProPublica: Why NSA Snooping Is Bigger Deal in Germany (“Germany lacks the long tradition of strong individual freedoms the state has guaranteed in the U.S. for more than 200 years. Precisely because of that, these values, imported from the Western allies after 1945, are not taken for granted.”)

From ProPublica-_-Why NSA Snooping Is Bigger Deal in Germany

From ProPublica-_-Why NSA Snooping Is Bigger Deal in Germany (click to access the website)


Now there is a James-Bond vibe to pre-election season: Newspapers publishextensive guides on how to encrypt emails. People question whether they should still use U.S.-based social networks. The German government seems to be under more pressure over the revelations than the American one.

“What makes Germans so sensitive about their data? Many have¬†pointed¬†to Germany‚Äôs history: Both the Nazi secret police Gestapo and the East German Stasi spied extensively on citizens, encouraging snitching among neighbors and acquiring private communication.

But that’s not the whole story. Politics and the media in Germany today are dominated by (male) citizens raised in the democratic West who have no personal recollection of either of the Stasi or Gestapo.

Germany lacks the long tradition of strong individual freedoms the state has guaranteed in the U.S. for more than 200 years. Precisely because of that, these values, imported from the Western allies after 1945, are not taken for granted.”



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SWAT-Team Nation: The Militarization of the U.S. Police : The New Yorker


SWAT-Team Nation: The Militarization of the U.S. Police : The New Yorker.

Celtic Woman (music for troubled times, by untroubled minds, to restored troubled souls)

1. Last Rose of Summer/Walking In The Air 
2. Danny Boy 
3. The Butterfly 
4. Siuil A Run Р(Walk My Love) 
5. Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring¬†
6. May It Be 
7. Isle of Inis Free 
8. Ave Maria 
9. Si Do Mhaimeo i Р(The Wealthy Widow) 
10. My Lagan Love РSomewhere 
11. The Soft Goodbye 
12. She Moved Thru’ The Fair¬†
13. Send Me A Song 
14. Someday 
15. I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls 
16. Orinoco Flow 
17. The Ashoken Farewell РThe Contradiction 
18. Harry’s Game¬†
19. Nella Fantasia 
20. One World 
21. You Raise Me Up

Beautiful Music – Ireland

Watch in HD to get the full experience. 

PBS Special Documentary – “Visions Of Ireland”.¬†
Music: Yanni – Playing By Heart, Ethnicity Album 2003.

A Moment in Heaven – Music by Bradfield From the album ‘Within our Reach’

Music by Bradfield
From the album ‘Within our Reach’
a moment to relax


“Beethoven’s Silence”

Autumn in Romania – Cheile GrńÉdiŇütei (jud. BraŇüov), 8-10 octombrie 2008
Music: ERNESTO CORTAZAR (“Beethoven’s Silence”)

See, the conqu’ring hero comes!

Image: Judas before the army of Nicanor, by Gustave Dore
Music: Judas Maccabaeus, by George Frideric Handel


(First Messenger)
From Capharsalama on eagle wings I fly
with tidings of impetuous joy!
Came Lysias with his host, array’d
in coat of mail; their massy shields
of gold and brass flash’d lightning o’er the fields,
while the huge tow’r-back’d elephants display’d
a horrid front. But Judas undismay’d
met, fought and vanquish’d all the rageful train.
Yet more: Nicanor lies with thousands slain,
the blasphemous Nicanor who defy’d
the living God and, in his wanton pride,
a public monument ordain’d
of vict’ries yet ungain’d!

(Second Messenger)
But lo! the conqu’ror comes: and on his spear,
to dissipate all fear,
he bears the vaunter’s head and hand
that threaten’d desolation to the land!

See, the conqu’ring hero comes!
Sound the trumpets! Beat the drums!
Sports prepare! The laurel bring!
Songs of triumph to him sing!

See the godlike youth advance!
Breathe the flutes and lead the dance!
Myrtle wreaths and roses twine
to deck the hero’s brow divine!

See, the conqu’ring hero comes!
Sound the trumpets! Beat the drums!
Sports prepare! The laurel bring!
Songs of triumph to him sing!
See, the conqu’ring hero comes!
Sound the trumpets! Beat the drums!

Beethoven 12 Variations for Cello & Piano in G major, WoO45

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 † 1827)

Work: Twelve Variations for Cello & Piano in G major, WoO45 on H√§ndel Oratorio Judas Maccabaus “See, the Conqu’ring Hero comes,” HWV63

01. Movement: Variation I
02. Movement: Variation II
03. Movement: Variation III
04. Movement: Variation IV
05. Movement: Variation V
06. Movement: Variation VI
07. Movement: Variation VII
08. Movement: Variation VIII
09. Movement: Variation IX
10. Movement: Variation X Allegro
11. Movement: Variation XI Adagio
12. Movement: Variation XII Allegro

Mischa Maisky, Cello
Martha Argerich, Piano

J.S.Bach, the Well-Tempered Clavier, book 1, Prelude and Fugue in C major BWV 846 Jeno Jando

Banks shed thousands of jobs as housing market improves – latimes.com

Banks shed thousands of jobs as housing market improves – latimes.com.
Banks shed jobs as shousing market improves

Bank of America reviews long-hours culture after intern’s death | Business | theguardian.com


Bank of America reviews long-hours culture after intern’s death | Business | theguardian.com.


Quotation: Jerome K. Jerome on life

Life altogether is but a crumbling ruin when we turn to look behind.

Jerome K. Jerome (1859-1927) Discuss

Today’s Birthday: HENRY LEE LUCAS (1936)

Henry Lee Lucas (1936)

Lucas had an abusive upbringing and began exhibiting violent behavior at an early age‚ÄĒeven killing his own mother when he was 23. Little did officers know when they arrested him in 1983 on a weapons charge that they were taking a serial killer‚ÄĒperhaps the most prolific one in US history‚ÄĒoff the streets. Lucas eventually claimed responsibility for over 600 murders, but many of his confessions are suspect, and the true number of his victims remains a mystery. Who spared him from execution and why?¬†More…¬†Discuss

This Day in the Yesteryear: GOSSAMER CONDOR WINS FIRST KREMER PRIZE (1977)

Gossamer Condor Wins First Kremer Prize (1977)

British industrialist Henry Kremer set up the Kremer Prize in 1959, offering ¬£50,000 to the first group that could fly a human-powered aircraft over a 1-mile (1.6-km) figure-eight course. The aircraft also had to clear a 10-foot (3-m) pole at the start and finish line. Early attempts with heavy aircraft failed, so engineer Paul MacCready took a radically different approach in designing the¬†Gossamer Condor, and his team won the first Kremer Prize in 1977. What was their inspiration?¬†More…¬†Discuss


Zoo Management Caught Lyin’ about Lion

A Chinese¬†zoo¬†temporarily shut down after it was discovered that what patrons were gaping at in the¬†lioncage was nothing more than a domestic dog. The¬†Tibetan mastiff¬†has a bushy mane that gives it a lion-like appearance, but it still barks like any other canine. This is what raised the suspicions of one savvy zoo visitor, who then tipped off the media to the apparent fraud. Further investigation revealed that the deception‚ÄĒor inadvertent oversight, as zoo management maintains‚ÄĒwas actually much more extensive, with foxes on display in the¬†leopard¬†enclosure andnutrias¬†in the snake den.¬†More…¬†Discuss


Czech Hedgehogs

Early in World War II, Germany relied heavily on the great striking power of its fast-moving tank formations. To defend against the threat, the Czechs lined their borders with large iron obstacles shaped like toy jacks. Though not immovable, they cause tanks to get stuck after driving over them. While the Nazis went on to annex Czech territory in the Sudetenland, these obstacles, known as “Czech hedgehogs,” caught on with other combatants and were later employed in what famous battle?¬†More…¬†Discuss

A Word Each Day: CHIVVY


Definition: (verb) Annoy continually or chronically.
Synonyms: beset, harass, harry, hassle, molest, plague, provoke
Usage: The senator is very demanding and is reputed to endlessly chivvy her staff to work harder. Discuss.