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L. Bernstein – Mendelssohn Symphony No.5 in D major/D minor “Reformation” Op.107

Mendelssohn Symphony No.5 in D major/D minor “Reformation” Op.107 Complete

1. Andante — Allegro con fuoco
2. Allegro vivace
3. Andante
4. Andante con moto — Allegro maestoso

NY Philharmonic Orchestra
Leonard Bernstein Conductor

watercolour portrait against blank background of a young man with dark, curly hair, facing the spectator: dressed in fashionable clothes of the 1830s, dark jacket with velvet collar, black silk cravat, high collar, white waistcoat

Portrait of Mendelssohn by James Warren Childe, 1839

The Symphony No. 5 in D major/D minor, Op. 107, called the Reformation Symphony, was composed by Felix Mendelssohn in 1830 in honor of the 300th anniversary of the Presentation of the Augsburg Confession. This Confession was a key document of Lutheranism and its Presentation to Emperor Charles V in June 1530 was a momentous event of the Protestant Reformation. The symphony was written for a full orchestra and was the second extended symphony that Mendelssohn had written. It was not published until 1868, 21 years after the composer’s death – hence its numbering as ‘5’. Although the symphony is not very frequently performed, it is better known today than it was during Mendelssohn’s lifetime.


Bachianas Brasileiras No 5 – Aria (Heitor Villa-Lobos) – Salli Terri & Laurindo Almeida

Bachianas Brasileiras No 5 (Aria)
music – Heitor Villa Lobos
lyrics – Ruth V Correa

Salli Terri (vocal)
Laurindo Almeida (guitar)

producer: Robert E Myers
recording engineer: Sherwood Hall, III

“Duets with the Spanish Guitar”
US Capitol 8406 (recorded 1958)

The sheet music (with fingering by Andres Segovia) is published by Associated Music Publishers (G Schirmer Inc).

1959 grammy nominations –
Best Engineered Record, Classical (winner)
Best Classical Performance, Vocal Soloist

Villa Lobos considered this version of the Aria, by Salli Terri and Laurindo Almeida, to be the best recorded performance. He originally scored it for voice and eight cellos, and later arranged it for voice and guitar.

“Tarde, uma nuvem rosea lenta e transparente,
sobre o espaco sonhadora e bela!
Surge no infinito a lua docemente,
Enfeitando a darde, qual meiga donzela
Que se a presta e alinda sonhadoramente,
Em anseios d’alma para ficar bela,
Grita ao ceo e a terra toda a Natureza!!!
Ca la a passarada aos seus tristes queixumes,
E reflete o mar to da a sua riqueza…
Suave a luz da lua desperta agora,
A cruel saudade que ri e chora!
Tarde uma nuvem rosea lenta e transparente,
Sobre o espaco sonhadora e bela!”

“Lo, at midnight clouds are slowly passing, rosy and lustrous,
o’er the spacious heav’n with loveliness laden.
From the boundless deep the moon arises
wondrous, glorifying the evening like a beauteous maiden.
Now she adorns herself in half unconscious duty,
eager, anxious that we recognize her beauty,
while sky and earth, yea all nature with applause salute her.
All the birds have ceased their sad and mournful com-plaining;
now appears on the sea in a silver reflection
moonlight softly waking the soul and constraining hearts
to cruel tears and bitter dejection.
Lo, at midnight clouds are slowly passing rosy and lustrous
o’er the spacious heavens dreamily wondrous.”

(English translation – Harvey Officer)


Chopin Berceuse Op 57 D Flat Major ( another musical jewel for the parts of the World that now get ready to retire for a good night sleep)

Another little extra piece ( LOL) from Hannover Chopin Etudes recording sessions. This one was the very last recorded and we had barely 5 minutes before we had to get out of the hall 🙂

Chopin – Valentina Igoshina – Prelude Op. 28, No. 15

Purcell – Chacony in G Minor Z730 (Performed by the Purcell Quartet)

HENRY PURCELL (1659-1695)

Chacony [chaconne] in G minor for three violins and basso continuo

Performed by the Purcell Quartet

main truth, poetic thought by George-B

main truth, poetic thought by George-B

Caught between two truths, different, in every way,
he lost the magnetic merging for the main truth,
the one that when
Propagated to all merges most inner-groups,
toward the truest goal-better life for all.

Alexander Borodin – Symphony No. 2 in B minor (l’orchestre de la Suisse – Ernest Ansermet)

Alexander Borodin (1833-1887), Россия
– Symphony No. 2 in B minor
(revised by N. Rimsky-Korsakov & A. Glazunov)
I. Allegro
II. Scherzo (Prestissimo)
III. Andante
IV. Finale (Allegro)

L’Orchestre de la Suisse romande (Genève)
Ernest Ansermet

Snowden: UK government now leaking documents about itself | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | theguardian.com


Snowden: UK government now leaking documents about itself | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | theguardian.com.

Take Action Now – Amnesty International USA

Take Action Now – Amnesty International USA.

50th Anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington | Democracy Now!


50th Anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington | Democracy Now!.