Johannes BRAHMS: Piano Concerto NO.2, OP. 83 
Krystian ZIMERMAN,piano
Leonard BERNSTEIN,conductor
Wiener Philarmoniker

Allegro non troppo (B-flat major)
Allegro appassionato (D minor)
Andante (B-flat major)
Allegretto grazioso (B-flat major)

The Piano Concerto No. 2 in B-flat major, Op. 83 by Johannes Brahms is a composition for solo piano with orchestral accompaniment. It is separated by a gap of 22 years from the composer’s first piano concerto. Brahms began work on the piece in 1878 and completed it in 1881 while in Pressbaum near Vienna. It is dedicated to his teacher, Eduard Marxsen. The premiere of the concerto was given in Budapest on November 9, 1881, with Brahms as soloist, and was an immediate success. He proceeded to perform the piece in many cities across Europe.
The additional movement results in a concerto considerably lengthier than most other concertos written up to that time, with typical performances lasting around 50 minutes.


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