Quotation: Lucy Maud Montgomery

It’s all very well to read about sorrows and imagine yourself living through them heroically, but it’s not so nice when you really come to have them, is it?

Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942) Discuss


4 responses to “Quotation: Lucy Maud Montgomery

  1. No it’s not! All the ‘things could be worse’ and ‘it will get better’ and ‘this too shall pass’ don’t help when you’re hurting.


    • It helps everybody around, as they can go about their personal things, with no remorse for the deafening sounds of distress coming from the victims direction: Ant that’s what the real meaning is, and that’s where it lies!


  2. I have to agree with her – it’s one thing to read about a characters’ struggles with either addiction, finances, love, etc. – it’s wholly a separate thing when you are the one struggling – doesn’t make for good life based non-fiction does it?


    • Inspiration and imagination are clearly connected…But to live you characters’ life experiences, good or (especially) bad, just to be able to portray them more realistially…Well where would be the fiction in that? One can just go downtown, with a camera and film the bad (the result of the self abuse) and that would make for a good documentary. So i’d say: fiction with fiction, reality with…reality!


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