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All we hope for, (poetic thought by George-B)

All we hope for, (poetic thought by George-B)

GOD’ biggest gift to us is Hope:
to keep our  unreasonable dreams bathing in light…
to bridge over the hopeless depths of all sorts of crevices,
and cracks,
some more material than others…
Hope that there is life identical to ours-somewhere else
and that we’ll find and reach that place and then
that we will drain its entirety, its life, as we are doing, for whole history,  to ours…

But, above all, the hope that it will be all forgiven and forgotten,
that HE will be back for us, to read to us
bed time stories and sing us to sleep by hermetic lullabies, because:
We are HIS children, and all we hope for is in the hopes. 


Delius Caprice and Elegy Julian Lloyd Webber and Eric Fenby

Delius Caprice and Elegy performed by Julian Lloyd Webber and Eric Fenby with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The recording won a Gramophone Award.


ANDRA : Saraca copilarie (doina)


File:Jamestown Jacobs Ladder.jpg

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In 1829, the Saint Helena Railway Company built an inclined-plane cableway on Saint Helena.[1] It was intended to lift supplies from the port and capital of Jamestown up to Ladder Hill Fort.[2] It was rebuilt as a long, steep staircase, by theRoyal Engineers in 1871 now known as Jacob’s Ladder.[3] It is designated as a Grade I listed feature.[4]

The staircase is now lit and can be used to climb up Ladder Hill, where the suburb of Half Tree Hollow has developed. The staircase consists of 699 steps and ascends 183 metres (600 ft). A timed run takes place up Jacob’s Ladder every year, with people coming from around the world to take part.

Doină de jale – Ciocârlia / Sad Song – The Lark

“Doină de jale – Ciocârlia” performed by Gheorghe Zamfir at panflute (“nai”). Adapted from a Romanian traditional folk song.


Colaj de folclor autentic din România


Erik Satie: Gnossienne No. 1, 2, 3

Erik Satie: Gnossienne No. 1, 2, 3
Pianist: Daniel Varsano
For Gnossienne No. 4 and 5, go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lq7yGl…


L. Boccherini: Complete Cello Sonatas (bookmark this exceptional collection of sonatas!)

Cellist: Luigi Puxeddu
The painting is “Fog over water” by Isaac Levitan.

Cello Sonata in C, G3 
Cello Sonata in C minor, G2 10:47
Cello Sonata in F, G1 20:00
Cello Sonata in A, G4 29:47
Cello Sonata in G, G5 41:50
Cello Sonata in A, G4 bis – I. Allegro Moderato 49:45
Cello Sonata in C minor, G2 bis 54:06
Cello Sonata in C, G6 1:03:13
Cello Sonata in C, G7 1:14:39
Cello Sonata in B flat, G8 1:24:25
Cello Sonata in F, G9 1:36:16
Cello Sonata in E flat, G10 1:47:58
Cello Sonata in E flat, G11 1:56:25
Cello Sonata G12 2:06:29
Cello Sonata G13 2:17:44
Cello Sonata G14 2:27:40
Cello Sonata G15 2:39:31
Cello Sonata G16 2:50:20 
Cello Sonata G17 2:58:46
Cello Sonata G18 3:10:46
Cello Sonata in B flat, G565 3:22:47
Cello Sonata in B flat, G565bis 3:37:07
Cello Sonata in E flat, G566 3:48:11
Cello Sonata in E flat 4:02:12
Cello Sonata in G 4:16:54
Cello Sonata in A 4:26:56


Quotation: Jerome K. Jerome about writers and readers and what the Providence has to do with it

You and I, dear reader, are each the center of the universe in our respective opinions. You, as I understand it, were brought into being by a considerate Providence in order that you might read and pay me for what I write; while I, in your opinion, am an article sent into the world to write something for you to read.

Jerome K. Jerome (1859-1927) Discuss


Today’s Birsthday: RUDOLF LUDWIG KARL VIRCHOW (1821)

A German pathologist, anthropologist, and statesman, Virchow contributed to nearly every branch of medical science, was a member of the Prussian lower house and later the Reichstag, and was a leader of the liberal party opposed to Bismarck. He coined the terms “thrombosis” and “embolism” and supported emerging ideas on cell division and metabolism. Despite his many contributions, which earned him the appellation “Father of Modern Pathology,” he rejected the notion that what causes diseases? More…Discuss



Young Readers Get Their First Taste of Paddington Bear (1958)

Michael Bond first introduced Paddington Bear to the world in his 1958 children’s book A Bear Called Paddington. Paddington, a polite immigrant bear from Darkest Peru, is taken in by the Brown family after they find him in a London train station. A variety of books feature the well-meaning bear, whose adventures have sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. An award-winning TV show helped the series retain its popularity well into the 1990s. What inspired Brown to create Paddington? More… Discuss




Raëlism is a cult religion founded in the 1970s by French journalist and race car driver Claude Vorilhon, now known as Raël. Raëlism teaches that life on Earth was created by a species of extraterrestrials called the Elohim. Raëlians discourage the use of recreational drugs, coffee, and alcohol, but have liberal views of sexuality, accepting homosexuality and encouraging members to explore their desires. They also support cloning and claimed in 2002 to have cloned a human named what? More… Discuss



Elephants Get the Point of Human Gestures

A simple experiment involving an elephant, a gesturingscientist, two buckets, and a single treat has shown that the intelligent pachyderms appear to have an instinctive understanding of human pointing. The experiment involved placing the two buckets, only one of which contained a treat, in front of an elephant and then having the animal choose which bucket to reach for while a person pointed to the one containing the hidden snack. Researchers hoped to teach the elephants how to interpret the gesture and were surprised to find that the creatures seemed to understand it from the outset. The next step is to investigate whether elephants use gestures in their own communicationMore… Discuss




Definition: (adjective) Serving no useful purpose; having no excuse for being.
Synonyms: superfluouswastedpointlesssenseless
Usage: More than half of his acceptance speech was otiose nonsense, and the rest was just a rehash of his campaign promises.Discuss.